Thursday, May 3, 2012

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

3/26/2012    There are many things in, and about, our American Society that
work  well, benefit most, and are not in need of repair. Those items that are in need of some remediation are not complicated, and can be fixed by logic, rationale, and simplicity. Please do not believe politicians, lawyers, captains of industry, and their spin-doctors. The aforementioned group does truly speak with “forked” tongue. A culture of outright deceit is their “company line, so don’t buy into anything this company says, and challenge them at every turn.
      Some nuts and bolts……….

v  items that ain’t broke:

§  Medicare / Medicaid

§  Social Security

§  Social Welfare

§  Veterans Administration

§  Central Intelligence Agency

§  Federal Bureau of Investigation

§  Planned Parenthood

§  Department of Justice

§  The Supreme Court

§  State Department / Foreign Service

§  Office of Management and Budget

§  The Presidency

§  Department of Commerce

§  Federal Aviation Administration

v  items needin’ a fix:

§  U.S. Senate

§  U.S. House of Representatives

§  Department of Education

§  Department of the Interior

§  Department of Energy

§  Department of Agriculture

§  Department of Homeland Security

§  Department of Defense

   Don’t get me wrong, the “items that ain’t broke” still are in need of some attention. A legally enforceable bi-annual audit of each Department, large or small, might be a way of reigning in the inefficiencies that drive up their cost of doing business. This is not rocket science; even a caveman could do it. Okay, maybe the Inspector General’s Office.

    Items  needin’ a fix have to undergo major reorganization, if not a total disembowelment, and State funeral. Another fix that is necessary is not a financial one; it is an n organizational and managerial one. The financial benefits will naturally follow. The Legislative and Executive branches would be greatly served by the introduction of permanent auditors, with enforcement capabilities backed by the Attorney General and the Supreme Court. All audits need to be consistent with the Constitution of the United States.

v  fixes:

§ U. S. Senate, term limits, maximum of 2 terms (12 years)

§ U. S  House of Representatives, term limits, maximum of 4   terms (8 years)

§ Department of Education, merge into Department of the Interior, cut size by 90%, major responsibility to the States who already have their own structure for education

§ Department of Energy, discontinue, fold into Department of the Interior

§ Department of Agriculture, discontinue, fold into Department of the Interior

§ Department of the Interior, this will house all other domestic departments and agencies, non-defense only

§ Department of Homeland Security, discontinue, the F. B. I. and the C. I. A. make this department redundant

§ Department of Defense, bulldoze the Pentagon, cut budget by 50%, cut non-combat personnel by 80%

§ The War on (name), do away with the War on anything, we don’t need them, they don’t work

    By shrinking and decentralizing the Federal Government, a more beneficial balance will be struck between the States and the Federal Government. The vast amounts of money we send to Washington, D. C. will remain with Local and State Governments, who tend to spend tax dollars more efficiently. The Federal Government needs the scale and efficiencies that amore business-like structure and culture will bring. Being a “government”, it should be built with a “not-for-profit model in mind.

    Just for the record, abortion is not an issue that has any logical, rational basis in any form of government. Abortion is strictly a woman’s choice. There certainly is an argument when regarding religion. Whatever the case, government neither condones, condemns, or pays for abortion. Politicians need to cease and desist from any involvement and speech concerning a woman’s right to decide any and all questions relating to their bodies. Be careful! Women are the only reason life, as we know it, exists. Do not piss them off.

    In conclusion, I can’t talk about restructuring government without a shout out to corporate America. American corporate culture needs a swift kick in the butt. “Occupy Wall Street” has given us the model for forcing some changes in this arena. It never ceases to amaze me why the American public allows corporations to literally stash their profits overseas and use their phantom loses to negate any domestic tax liability. If corporations that store their money outside this Country, thus avoiding taxation, brought those monies back on-shore, the Federal deficit could be cut in half. That new number could be cut in half, again, if the upper 2% of wealth-holders paid taxes commensurate with their wealth. Rewriting or tax codes could make the remainder disappear overnight. Couple this with a drastic re-engineering of the Federal Government, and our Nation would be back in the black