Saturday, February 16, 2019

"The Northport" - Special Presidents' Day Edition

"The Northport" - totally new and up to code!

Our Bldg. #65 is literally blowing up. 

And, as usual, Northport management 

doesn't give a crap!

FILED / SUBMITTED - 02/15/2019

Formal complaint to: The Occupational Safety and Health Administration

                                         1400 Old Country Rd., Ste. 208

                                         Westbury, NY   11590

Subject: Steam Pipe Explosions

Location:                       VA Medical Center

                                        79 Middleville Rd.

                                        Northport, NY 11768  

                                        Bldg. #65 / 1st Floor/ PRRP

                                        (PTSD Residential Rehabilitation Program)

·       This is a Residential/Inpatient PTSD treatment program for Veterans suffering from severe and chronic Military PTSD. There are eight Residents/Inpatients in this locked/restricted Unit twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, on a monthly and yearly basis. The PTSD Unit also provides individual and group therapy for Veterans who have completed the ninety-day Residential/Inpatient Program. There is a full complement of fifteen Staff members present during weekday (normal work hours) and two night nurses on duty seven days a week. 

·       On the night of Friday, February 8/2019, the night Staff noticed water leaks in the Ladies Bathroom. These leaks continued all weekend and into Monday, February 11/2019. Calls made to the Maintenance and Engineering Departments produced no results or action. On Monday afternoon, the suspect steam pipe experienced an explosion. The force of the explosion shook the building and demolished the drop ceilings in the 1st Floor Ladies Bathroom, the Staff Kitchen, and a Psychologist’s Office.

·       Four weeks ago, a similar event occurred in an unused room on the same steam pipe loop. This steam pipe explosion also shook the build and demolished half of the drop ceiling along with two of the radiators in the room.

·       Similar events took place last winter when a large steam pipe header in the basement of Bldg. #65 exploded three times in the course of two weeks. One of these explosions blew a hole in the 4” reinforced concrete 1st floor in the Residents’ Day Room. A chunk of concrete and floor tile was launched across the room on the first explosion.

Last year
Last year


     These pipes carry highly pressurized steam for the heating system. For two consecutive winters, this building has experienced these malfunctions. The Staff, Residents, and Outpatients are extremely lucky that no one has been hurt physically. The psychological damage is another question, as this is a treatment Unit for Severe and Chronic PTSD. Everyone involved in this Unit are walking on eggshells just wondering when and where the next explosion will take place.

·       This building was built circa 1929 and has very obviously been neglected from a maintenance standpoint by the Veterans Administration (VA admits to this). We need someone to step in and stop this madness before a Staff member, Resident, and/or Outpatient is injured or killed.


She was too busy packing for



A building used for Inpatients is blowing up, 
and "The Northport" is heating the great outdoors!

We were so comforted to see who showed up to inspect the damage three days after the leak lead to the explosion. [Of course, a phone call to Newsday never hurts.] Still, the pat answer/conclusion of all those carrying clipboards was, “Hey, nothing to see here; no problem; we got this.” Thanks go out to the Acting 1st Assistant to the Director, Charlene “The Charlatan” and our own Safety Guy, Louie “The Lip”, Chief O’Lip Service for a job well done!

We won’t mention what fell out of the ceiling that collapsed from the explosions. Could that have been rat/mouse feces?? Yes, it was. It’s happened many times before!




Based on late entries from the classic

Production of The Northport, the following

major and supporting awards have been added.


1) Acting Director, 2) Acting Associate Director, 3) Acting Deputy Associate Director, 4) Acting Chief O’Staff, 5) Acting 1st Assistant to the Chief O’Staff, 6) Acting Chief O’Undesirable Employees,

1) Acting Chief O’Medicine, 2) Acting Chief O’Primary Care, 3) Acting Chief O’Surgery, 4) Acting Chief O’Nursing, 5) Acting Chief O’Pallative Care, 6) Acting Chief O’Pharmacy, 7) Acting Chief O’MRI Trailer,

1) Acting Chief O’Engineering, 2) Acting Chief O’Road Resurfacing, 3) Acting Chief O’Roofing/Manlifts, 4) Acting Chief O’Fixing Buildings, 5) Acting Chief O’Outside Contracts, 6) Acting Chief O’Steam Heat, 7) Acting Chief O’Steam Pipes, Acting Chief O’Paint To Hide Stuff,


1) Acting Chief O’Recreation, 2) Acting Chief O’Swimming Pool, 3) Acting Chief O’Pole Dancing, 4) Acting Chief O’Cornhole,

1) Acting Chief O’Keystone Cops, 2) Acting Chief O’Parking Lot Guard Houses,

1) Acting Chief O’Kitchen Stuff, 2) Acting Chief O’Homeless, 3) Acting Chief O’Handing Out Free Shit,



Friday, February 15, 2019

CBOC at The Northport - Weekend news dump


Don’t forget to run down to Bay Shore and visit “Little” Dickie - our Federal employee peddling access to a Federally banned controlled substance - marijuana - to Veterans.

“Oy, Ethel, my joints are all stiff! Oh, come on, Muriel, you’re just rolling them too tight!”


And, now, on to some recent blog-ish comments:

I.      Perhaps, but despite all this, many of us who work there believe in the mission and will not go quietly when the shutterers come calling.  


- By: Anonymous

II.    Yup, something fishy going on. VA is going downhill. Its one thing after the next. Active military and Veterans deserve the Absolute BEST care possible. And I KNOW that BETTER care is possible!        

- on “VA Northport - Waste Management”

- By: Anonymous

III.  Just as another point of fact, the Chief of Primary Care should have been fired long ago, not just removed from his position last year. Theres a mountain of material on him and his buddy, all swept under the rug for years,

- on CBOC Northport - The Cruise Dossier

- By: Anonymous

IV.  Mandar the Magnificent. Magnificent in the categories of fraud, abuse, and theft of government service, surpassed only by the late great Sterling Alexander,

- on VA Northport -Weekly News Dump

- By: Anonymous

Most folks who comment on this blog do so anonymously. For those who do reveal their names, we choose to withhold that information from publication.


Let’s visit the Department O’Recreation, or what’s left of it.

Seems there are no more Chiefs in the department. Susan Pisano and her assistant Patrick Campbell have left the house. The department had already been pared down with program cuts, but “Chatty” Cathy thought it would be a good idea to keep trashing the whole program. Well, wouldn’t you know it, Pisano and Campbell fought the new cuts. They recognized what was going on. “Chatty” doesn’t like it when you stick up for your department and counter her arbitrary “executive” orders.

Pisano and Campbell were responsible for the Annual Harvest Festival at the Northport, which was very popular with both Veterans and Staff. “Chatty” Cathy canceled that popular annual festival, triggering a disagreement between management and the recreation department. That was the last straw!

So, along comes the old “toxic workplace” scenario from Bldg. 10. “Chatty” Cathy and her crew have been circulating salacious rumors about Pisano and Campbell,  which were so over the top they won't be repeated by this blog. It isn't enough just to push employees out, management has to try to destroy their reputations as they leave in disgust.

This shit is really getting ridiculous, now. Our guess is that they have run out of all the usual trumped up charges against undesirable employees, and they have resorted to stooping this low.

Come on in...the water's great!

Hey. let’s all go for a swim in the VA Northport pool! Oh, crap....we forgot it’s been “shuttered” until further notice. Seems there’s a big old crack in the foundation that management forgot to mention, and this building is up for total condemnation, soon.

Department O’Recreation



That’s right!

In lieu of having the Fall Harvest Festival (which was ALL donated and volunteered) , our own Christine “Git” Going from Food Service has her food grab bag blessed by her bestie, “Chatty” Cathy Cruise. To avoid the appearance of any conflict, the grab bag was held off-site.


And, while Rome is burning, these two are on an all-expenses paid junket to Washington DC touting their warped version of the “Veteran Experience”. Please, take a close look at the bottom picture on their poster. It’s the frigging parking lot guard shack! Now, that certainly enhances the “Veteran Experience” ,eh. I wonder how much Planetree Consulting is getting paid for this little show of nothingness?


Sasha The Fire Dancer must be on the outs.

“Richie” Rich Kitson seems to be hanging with his new besties!

Blankets, anyone??


Thanks to Home Depot, at least someone is doing maintenance at the Northport!


Let the game of “Musical Chairs” begin, once again, in Bldg. 10. Who’s going to be left without a seat when the music stops? The current participants: “Chatty” Cathy, Charlene “The Charlatan”, David “The Gift From Above”, Christine “Git”, Colleen “The Not So Lucky”, and two mystery quests to be revealed on our next show.


VA Hits New Telehealth Visit Milestone  / Week of February 11, 2019

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) conducted more than one million video telehealth visits in fiscal 2018, a system milestone and a 19 percent increase in video telehealth visits over the prior year, officials announced. More than half (582,000) of those video encounters supported veterans located in rural areas, a release said. About 105,300 of those visits were done through the VA's Video Connect application.


Red Light Ahead...

So, what could possibly go wrong here?

More Young Veterans Committing Suicide, VA Data Show 'A national emergency': suicide rate spikes among young US veterans

VA: Suicide rate for younger veterans increased by more than 10 percent

VA Fun Facts:

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs estimates that PTSD afflicts: Almost 31 percent of Vietnam veterans. As many as 10 percent of Gulf War (Desert Storm) veterans. 11 percent of veterans of the war in Afghanistan.

(CNN) Here is a look at the US Department of Veterans Affairs. Facts: There are 18.2 million veterans in the United States, according to the most recent statistics from the US Census. Sep 20, 2018