Saturday, July 7, 2012


   There seems to be a rather disturbing trend that has become inexorably entrenched in our Society. I use a capital “S” when referring to our Society because of the importance it plays on how we guide ourselves through life and interact with the outside world. The trend I am referring to is one that allows for the total disregard for respect and civility between folks, in general.
   I can tolerate, and occasionally be amused by, the disrespectful way our modern, portable, electronic devices are used in Public. I value the sense of the “rebellious” and the “individual” in all of us. I can tolerate the decibel levels of folks squawking out on the street. People want to be heard, and felt that their words have fallen on deaf ears for a very long time. Most of the time, I enjoy hearing what sort of music someone is playing in their car. I admit that more often than not its pretty good stuff. Of course, there’s always the person (s) who enjoy cutting into lines so as not waist their valuable time doing mundane tasks. These folks are in a hurry for some reason and I really don’t feel disrespected or cheated, in any way, shape, or form. It doesn’t bother me when people forget to look you in the eye when conducting a conversation with you. After all, this world is sometimes quite intimidating, and some folks are shier than others are. You can get a feel for my tolerance levels here, and, actually, these are not the people I’m talking about.

   The folks I’m talking about are the ones who seem to run for Public Office. Moreover, the higher the Office, the more disrespectful and rude they become. I suppose it hit me when that Representative from South Carolina, by the name of Joe Wilson (U.S. Rep., 2001- pres.)

disrespected the President of the United States at a “State of the Union” address. Remember the, “you lie”, comment? That just seemed to be the starting point of some very contrary, disrespectful, and flat out rude behavior from one side of the “Aisle”. I will try not to take sides here because both of our Political Parties have engaged in this behavior.

   It was always my understanding that upon receiving a good, solid education, generally, folks would shed themselves of such infantile trappings and outbursts. To think that almost all our Nationally elected Officials have been through four years of College, and most likely, another four to six years of Graduate schooling (presumably in the study of Law), and their acting like most young children do is absolutely astonishing to me. Dear Lord, these folks have paid an arm and a leg to attain these academic levels. One might think that all these petty and trivial aspects of childhood might have been outgrown, discarded, forgotten. But, “NO!” It seems that the longer these kids are left to their own devises, the more unruly they become. “We The People” are not solely to blame for allowing this to continue by voting for them. These youngsters in the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate are responsible for their own bad behavior. Of course, “We The People” have the ballot box to enact change. The only drawback to that is the time lapse between Elections.

   Now, I would never, in my wildest dreams, do away with our style of democracy. It’s proven itself time and again to be the most revered political system in the World, as is our economic system. I would, however, advocate for the re-education of the American Public before the sky starts falling (leave it to Henny Penny and Chicken Little). The type of education I am considering is not taught in schools. It is taught out on the street with a massive influx of information. We are bombarded daily with untruths, and outright lies, form all quarters. It’s time to mount a counter insurgency on behalf of truth and basic Social behavior. Beyond our Constitution, that is what our Founding Fathers and Mothers had in mind.

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