Friday, October 7, 2011

We stand with the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, & Pakistan

Target:                          U.S. Congress
Region:                          United States of America

Web site:             


For ten years, the United States has flexed its military muscle in Persia. These armed conflicts started with the best of intentions and the blessing of most of the civilized world. The “War on Terror’ was not meant to be an exercise in nation building. It had definite targets in mind, and those targets have, by in large, been achieved. It certainly appears that the “War on Terror” has met most, if not all of its, goals. At this point in time, it is public knowledge that they do not want us there and we do not want to be there. In this time of extraordinary financial stress on our economy, it is logical that we make every effort to strengthen our own economy. Spending hundreds of billions of our tax dollars in a quasi-colonial endeavor simply does not make sense. To that end, we offer the following petition from we the People of the United States of America.


We stand with the people of the sovereign nations of Iraq, Afghanistan, & Pakistan.

We stand against interference in other sovereign nations affairs.

We stand against “Nation Building” in our image.

We reject the premise that these nations will collapse in turmoil and regain their stature as a major threat to the United States of America,

We implore the congress of the United States of America to end this armed conflict, and cease our military presence in Persia, as soon as possible.

We demand a full review of the War Powers Act to restrict its use and enforce its limits, as it was first intended.

We demand that Congress, by simple majority, vote to establish resolution for any future armed conflict.

We demand that Congress cease and desist funding future Executive requests for funding armed conflicts without a majority vote of the House of Representatives and the Senate.

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