Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Political Parties (5 reasons We The People don’t need them)

1]       Why are We The People beholden to any particular political party?

2]       Why do We The People have a burning desire to be pigeon holed as a Democrat, Republican, Right To Lifer, Tea Drinker, etc.?

3]       Why can’t the “politicians” lay claim to a certain platform and We The People simply vote for the “politician” we feel will get the job done?

 4]       Why can’t We The People show up at the polling place of our choice, produce a photo ID as proof of citizenship, and cast our votes?

5]       Why is one “politician” allowed to raise and spend more than another? Why can’t “politicians” be given, or restrained, to spending the same amount, and let We The People decide who will craft our laws and National agenda?

Alright, I’ll stop with the questions. Here may be some possible answers.

 *1]    Nowhere is it written in stone that We The People must adhere to, or pledge allegiance to, any political party.

*2]     In the spirit in which this Nation was founded, We The People should be naturally inclined to express our individualism, especially when it comes to politics.

*3]     This would be so much less complicated, and it would certainly reflect the choices of We The People.

*4]     There are already in place a number of forms for providing proof of citizenship, and to elect local “politicians” you would, by all probability, be casting your vote within your local area. If not, you would be restricted to voting only for the Presidency and the Vice-Presidency

*5]     Let’s  keep the campaign spending within reasonable grasp of  anyone who desires to enter elected public service. We allow the following amounts for the stated positions:

          a]       President = $500,000.00

          b]      Senator = $250,000.00

          c]       U.S. Representative = $125,000.00

          d]      Governor = $200,000.00

          e]       State Legislator = $100,000.00

          f]       County Legislator = $75,000.00

          g]       Town/Village Legislator = $50,000.00

These amounts are maximum amounts, and it will be illegal for    any lobbyist, or corporation, to donate to anyone of these categories. There will be no “political action committees”. There will be no committees, or associations, or any other type of organized group in respect of the election process, with the exception of political Parties. And, last, but not least, the “electoral college” will be a thing of the past. The “electoral college” is an outdated, useless vehicle in the voting process. The “electoral college” assumes we are all idiots, and could never be trusted to pick qualified National leaders. The Federal Communications Commission will not get involved with the question of  “equal time” for all those campaigning for elected office.

Any other points of view, thoughts, or comments on this subject are welcomed.

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