Friday, February 19, 2016


Over the years, I have really tried to pay attention to the mechanisms that make our style of democracy work. I have learned some things about the process. I have learned to appreciate some other things about the process. One thing, however, that still baffles me is the absurdity of the State Caucus mechanism during a Presidential Election year.
As far as I can discern, this process does nothing; means nothing; and, is, therefore, useless to the overall election of Party Delegates who, in turn, decide who their Presidential candidate will be. Eleven States and two Territories are currently entertain a non-committal system of voicing their electorate’s preferences in the corner of a neighbor’s living room. I understand and appreciate that the fifty States and our Colonial Territories have a need to flex their “individuality” when it comes to their identity. There are many ways States and Territories can do this; making it a useless part of an election cycle is not one of those times. I feel strongly that, in a Presidential election year, there should be certain uniformity to the Primary process and the General Election; do what you want with State and local politics, but the National forum should be uniform. 
[Note: This holds for the Presidential candidates and their election, only. The States and Territories have control over their Federal and Local Representation.; as it should be]

Below are some basic numbers to illustrate just how useless this Caucus thing is.

State / Territory
0.73 million
5.3 million
19.8 million
1.4 million
3 million
1.6 million
2.9 million [1]
1.3 million
5.4 million
3 million
North Dakota    
0.73 million [1]
7 million
0.5 million [1]
American Samoa        
0.05 million
US Virgin Islands 0.05 million
0.05 million
[1] The oil and gas industry has undoubtedly increased these population figures, but probably   not enough to make a remarkable difference in their percentage of the total population

US Population 
322 million
Caucus States/Territories Population 
52.85 million
% of U.S. Population
16.5 %

Why do so few insist on voicing a non-committal preference when the rest of the Country is actually casting votes and going “on record” as to whom they prefer. Let it be that there is a Caucus process in the final decision making process at the Party’s National Conventions.

There are certain special interest Caucuses in the Congress. And, that’s alright; they serve a purpose in those venues. When we vote in any regularly scheduled National, State, or Local election there is no Caucus procedure. So, why do some of us insist on the Caucus process in a Primary situation? It’s stupid and useless in a Primary; get rid of it, please!

 I have some other basic questions about our “election” process, as well. And, believe me, I need some help here.

[These questions are predicated on my belief that our Primary and General Election time span is simply too long. The Primary/Caucus procedure starts on February 1 and continues until the National Conventions in August. This is a full 6 ½ months before the Conventions and 9 months prior to Election Day in November. Why?]

1) Why are early Caucus States viewed as a make/break proposition for     candidates?
Ø They logically and rationally do not.
2) Why can’t the entire Delegate assignment procedure be accomplished just prior to the National Conventions?
Ø Two weeks prior would do just fine.
3) Why is our Presidential Election year campaign process a 1 ½-             yearlong proposition? ($$$money$$$)
Ø Three months is a reasonable period; given our twenty-four hour News Cycle.
4) Presidents and Governors have term limits. Why is any other politician different? ($$$money$$$)
Ø They are in business to serve “We The People”. We don’t need career Politicians. They have a very short shelf-life.
5) Could there somehow be an exponential increase in voter                   participation if the campaign season was shortened to three months?
Ø I feel there would be less apathy and a lot more enthusiasm with the voting public.
6)  Could something in the neighborhood of three months create a             “snowball/domino” effect that would see less influence from                   campaign contribution money?
Ø Simple legislation that says, “No!” would probably be enough to snuff out the obscene amounts of money in the campaign cycle.
7)   How do you force the imposition of term limits for every elected         official in the nation; Federal, State, and Local?
Ø Keep it simple, and vote!