Sunday, September 4, 2016

Navigate the VA System - A No-Win Situation

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Vietnam Veterans Struggle With The VA System
One of the best things about this man's story is that he didn't give up and commit suicide. Most People regard the IRS forms as totally intimidating. The IRS is a "walk in the Park" compared to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs' forms, paperwork, and protocols!
If you read carefully, you see the gross contradiction in the Appeal numbers as stated by the VA. It's as if they keep two separate sets of books on their statistics; one set that is real, and one set they push out for the Public's consumption. Every once in a while the VA screws up and quotes from the wrong set on numbers.
This system has become so overweight that it is close to imploding. Veterans who served their Country in uniform need this Agency, but they need it to work properly, efficiently, and effectively. It is not too late to restructure this behemoth since all the necessary parts exist. It simply takes a leadership team that knows what they're doing.

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