Thursday, January 12, 2012

The next throw down in Congress

Well, here we go again. We’re coming up on another “Debt Ceiling” throw down in Congress. Yes, that’s right. We are now closing in on those 14.5 Trillion dollars. I swear this one number is going to the hole in the ship we can’t repair. Unfortunately, we’ve run out of folks to call who in the past have picked up the tab on a large chunk of our National debt.
Somewhere along the line, this has to end. Either we stop spending, or we go into default. Neither option is anything we would normally sign up for, but we simply don’t have any other peaceful means of solving this situation. Notice the word “peaceful”.

The wonderful folks down in Washington, D.C. have an uncanny way of forgetting the past, so they can blindly and gleefully repeat it. The fact that we’ve been fighting and shooting at someone for the last seventy years, I suppose the third, uncontainable scenario will inevitably play out. No, we aren’t going to start World War III. Our Government will find a way to deplete the vast stocks of weaponry and ammunition in order to justify replacing both categories. This, in turn, guarantees a sizeable increase in the manufacturing of our implements of war.

Note to Young folk:   Learn how to make something, anything, with your own two hands. Design Engineers and Machinists are going to at a premium with more weight going to the Machinists.

I don’t believe that President Obama would go that route. I do believe a dyed-in-the-wool Conservative Republican would. To be sure, Little Richard Cheeney will be behind our next march into insanity. If you value your life, and the lives of your Countrymen, this is one man who will stop at nothing to take your life, or the lives of your Countrymen.

This thing we do every four years, a Presidential Election, is upon us this year and there is obviously a lot at stake. Every Government Program we have come to love, or hate, is going to be on the table and open to change and/or abolition. There may even be some sort of referendum concerning another amendment to the Constitution of the United States. The mere fact that corporations are now “people”, with all the same rights and entitlements, is sure to make this Election very interesting.

Whether you vote for the winning Presidential candidate, or not, is not going to make a big difference. It will be the “behind the scenes” deals and shenanigans that you need to keep an eye on. Of course, you may not be able to keep an eye on these things, as they happen out of the Public’s view, and become common knowledge only if the powers that be deem them worthy of our feeble minds.

Probably, the one best thing any of us can do is to pay attention. I realize that most of us are so broke we can’t pay attention, but somehow we have to try. I’m going to attempt to use the logical left side of my alleged brain, not the emotional right side, when casting my vote. Looks like this year your vote really is going to count!

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