Friday, November 11, 2011

Welcomed to the theater of the absurd!

I don’t  really care who’s in charge here, but the issuance of million dollar (+) bonuses at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is the last straw. These two corporations have been sucking America dry for years. Fannie and Freddie’s management has systematically purchased so much debt ( ie. Toxic Assets) that they are now totally broke. And, now we bail them out with billions more of our money, only to see the CEO’s of these two entities earn $900,000.00 a year; and they EXPECT to receive bonuses. Come on….really?
Do you expect the average “Joe”  to be at all sympathetic towards anyone making that kind of money, even without a bonus? Are these ‘HMFC’s unable to live on their annual salaries? To receive even $1.00 in bonus money is tantamount to treason, especially considering the shape of our socio-economic reality.

The President of the United States makes $400,000.00 and lives just fine on that. The ambulance chasers we like to call Congressmen/women and Senators receive around $200,000.00 a year for their labors ( not including the money they get from ‘big business’), and they live just fine on that amount.

 Does anyone expect me to believe that $900,000.00 simply doesn’t cut the mustard anymore? (Don’t get me started on professional athletes.) Who is granting them these exorbitant amounts? The main stream media certainly isn’t telling us who “they” are. So, once again, its up to We The People to dig through the trash and find out who the Hell is rubber-stamping these pay scales.

If some one doesn’t go to jail for the likes of this, then the peaceful demonstrations of  the “OWS” crowd will seem very mild to what happens next. I, for one, hope to be around to witness that next chapter.

P.S.:  Since when was anything called “toxic” considered an ‘asset’?

          ‘They’ really do think we’re all idiots! 

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