Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Okay, one last rant before tasting the turkey!

"Picking bones......."
Now, I’ve got a bone to pick with what is undoubtedly my favorite cable news outlet. MSNBC has held itself as close as possible to the true meaning of Journalism as any of the popular cable news outlets (yes, including CNN). It hurts the eyes and ears to witness a gradual drift away from Journalism into the the realm of tabloid style reporting. Spread the blame evenly from the producers, the editors and down to the delivery units; aka, Chris Mathews, Rachel Maddow, Dylan Ratigan, Ed Schultz, Lawrence O’Donnel, et. al.

At a time when our National house of cards is tumble down around us, there seems to be an awful amount of air time devoted to truly secondary and tertiary issues. Not that Women’s rights and the proper categorization of pizza vise-a-vie school lunches are not real and important issues, I simply feel very strongly that there are a few more pressing issues to deal with and to report on. And, I don’t mind these outlets for self promoting their content and celebrity presenters. But, when Chris Mathews has the gall to say that, of course, reporters don’t want to be regulated, they just want everything and every body else to be regulated, I have to shake my head and say to myself, “What the f#*k?”

I tell you what, Mr. Mathews, how about we regulate news casters, news presenters, talking heads, etc. by separating the true Journalists from from the likes of you and a handful of your cronies there at MSNBC, and elsewhere. In the true sense of adherence to Journalistic credo, let’s regulate the categories by which your “news” is produced, edited, and delivered. A quick trip to the dictionary will solve this argument without doubt. And, while I’m on the subject, let me remind everyone that Journalist are only supposed to report the news, not actually BE the news. Secondly, a true Journalist will allow those being questioned to actually answer the question without being interrupted by a self-promoting talking head. You simply cannot have this issue be a one-way street. Plus, its damn rude to interrupt and/or shout over someone trying give a cogent answer to a question from a “reporter”/ “journalist”. Didn’t your Mother tell you its not nice to interrupt? I’m most certain she did, as did mine.

And, where is it written that your questions have to include a complete encyclopedic preface? Please, God, keep it simple and you’ll be surprised at wealth of information you get in return. I know you love to hear hear yourself pontificate, but please confine it to privacy of your own environment, and don’t waste our time having to hear it ‘ad nauseum’.

At a time when we all need to get back to the basics, you have a bully pulpit from which you can make a positive difference. Please use it toward that end.

Call me old fashioned, but what the Hell has happened to the GOP of old? The GOP that always seemed to have a firm grip on foreign affairs and foreign policy has totally disintegrated; vanished into thin air. I have seen no evidence of anyone related to the Republican Party who has a clue to what’s going on in the rest of the world. I’ve got to say that the Democratic Party has “eaten your Lunch”. And, what is with this three ring circus being offered up as the best of in show now running for the Presidency? You have got to be kidding me. There simply has to be some deep, dark reason for all this buffoonery! There must be a “snake in the Grass” just waiting until the very last moment to come riding in on a great white steed to save the the day ( and the Party). For the life of me I can’t come up with just who that might be. Does the Republican Party really think they can rally popular support for any of these clowns? I can only guess that these so called candidates didn’t get the memo on “no kid left behind”. Maybe they thought that pizza really was a vegetable in the school lunch program. That deep, dark, bottomless abyss I have been referring to is looking more like our new reality every day now.

<a little drum roll, Maestro?>

My street “cred” has peaked! I foresaw this popular uprising we now know as “OWS” a year and and a half ago. The fact that it has remained relatively peaceful is a great testament to the true meaning of the movement. Whether you agree with it, or not, you cannot deny it is starting to have the desired effect. Sure, its going to take some more time, but I get a very strong feeling that the 1% have felt a disturbance in the force. The walls of their universe have been breeched, and some very arrogant, powerful folks are starting to feel the heat coming off the street. ‘Viva la revolution!’ Its been a long time, but we finally know who the enemy is and we have engaged them. Its going to be fun watching them fall.   

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