Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kickin’ in Kabul


U.S. Troop Levels and Fatalities in Afghanistan

Confused yet? Wait, it gets better. Try to follow the

money on these two nation building projects.

                                     Warning: attempt at your own risk!       

It will seriously make your head hurt.

Department of Defense

                        State Department

                                                                        National Security Agency

                                    Department of Homeland Security

Central Intelligence Agency

                                                                        Commerce Department

                               United States Treasury

International Monetary Fund

                                                                        The World Bank



                                    Federal Bureau of Investigation

“and the beat goes on”…………….

We really need to put Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, & Pakistan in the proverbial rear view mirror, and get on with our lives.

because, “its one – two – three – what are we fighting four?”

All our credit cards are max-ed out, our bank statement is worse than zero, there’s no more gas in the tank, and we’re about to get our electricity turned off.

See, I told you your head was going to hurt!

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