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VAMC Northport, NY - Weekly News Dump

Freaky Friday - 11/17/2017

Oh, this wonderful thing we call the Department of Veterans Affairs. Where else can you be fired from your job; enter a rigged “appeals” process; and, be reinstated to a position further up the food chain?
Not only do you get reinstated, but you can qualify for a “no-show” job with all the same benefits as your previous position.

Our little Hospital on the hill seems to have amassed a rather large quantity of employees who are virtually in hiding in attempts to ride it out until retirement. They are either sitting in rooms at the Hospital with nothing to do all day, or at home mowing their lawns and running errands. Their paychecks keep rolling in. Their benefits are still being  bought and paid for. Their Pensions are still being fully funded. Sounds reasonable, doesn’t it?

Just recently, Billing Specialists Gregory “Bruce” Lee & Linda “Lulu”
 Scarlato appealed their firings; were reinstated and reassigned; somewhere. From the Engineering Department, Lester “More Or Less” Sekowski appealed his firing; got reinstated; and, was reassigned to Facilities Planning (there is no  money for Facility Planning, so this boils down to a nothing burger of a job). “Marky” Mark Kaufman was seen mowing his grass during normal working hours - not on the job, or wandering aimlessly through the halls preening his little goatee. Also, “Nurse 5” is the highest compensation level we have for our Nursing Staff. Apparently, the VAMC Northport has a plethora of these Nurses and a lot of them are in hiding to protect and pad their retirement packages. (This “Nurse 5” thing needs a little more looking into!)

In other news:

1.    Steve “the snake” Snyder may need a larger office door to accommodate more “title plaques”; similar to “Chatty” Cathy Cruise. Little Stevie Wonder has picked up a few Employee Relations and Human Resources titles, as well as his job handing out Pink Slips. Steve “The Snake’s” new titles: Employee Relations, Labor Relations, and most bizarre of all ... Personnel Security! Steve” The Snake” now holds more titles than the figurehead who is Chief of HR, namely “Wee” Wil Sainbert. Word is that “Wee” Willy is too busy with the certain subordinate employees to run his service, so Steve “The Snake” runs it for him. 

2.    Well, it’s a done deal! We now are the proud owners of a surgical “Davinci Robot” for operating room #2; the only Operating room big enough to fit it. For a mere $1 million, the VAMC Northport can now perform robotic surgical procedures on your Prostate Gland. They have put out the call to lure some unsuspecting Stony Brook Doctors in to run the contraption on a part time basis. How long they last is anybody’s guess. Scotty “Lock The Door” & “Chatty” Cathy Cruise have concluded that one more outlet is needed to run robot. I wonder if anyone has read the Owner’s Manual to see what the electrical requirements are for this apparatus. Can you say 440 volts and 600 amps? Plug this into a regular electrical outlet and the entire Hospital goes into black-out. Oops!

3.    Urologist Tony “Tinkle” Reda, who was run out of town by Scotty “Lock The Door”, has been replaced by a Dr. Frey “The Spry Guy”. “The Spry Guy” is an octogenarian who still swears “Aretha (Urethra) Franklin” is a rare urinary tract infection; not a famous Motown singer. Neither Tony “Tinkle” or “The Spry Guy” have any clue about Davinci Robots. Nevertheless, Joan “Of Arc” McInerney (VISN 2) swears we need one to make it look like we’re keeping up with the Joneses! What a brilliant decision on the spending of Veterans’ healthcare dollars.

4.    Seems like Ronnie “The Brat” Brattain of Engineering Department fame got the drop on Steve “The Snake” Snyder. Apparently, when Ronnie got fired, he already had himself a job lined up over in Connecticut (where he lives). The Private Sector will have to deal with his ineptitude, now. Being a Soil Engineer, maybe some will buy him a little pail and shovel so he can play in the dirt.

5.    I bet you didn’t know “Jumping” Joan Scanlon was remarkably allergic to mold. Seems she stood in for an absentee Staffer in the PRRP Unit, aka. Bldg. #65. That didn’t last too long as her face turned various shades of red and started swelling up. When asked why she didn’t seek medical help, or report the incident, she said she was too close to retirement and didn’t want to rock the boat. Apparently she doesn’t give a damn about her fellow employees. She is going to get her’s and to Hell with anybody else. Nicely played “Jumping” Joan!

And, now, for something entirely different:

Somehow, I got my hands on the famous “Daily News Roundup” for our little Medical Facility; the November 14 edition.

Thank you Christopher “Toddles” Goodman!

o   Director Scotty “Lock The Door” Guermonprez and our Patient-Centered Care Team (from the Planetree Pyramid/Ponzi Scheme) of Marge “Large And In Charge” Rogan and Gina “The Loud Mouth”  Maurer posing beside Northport’s Innovation Award, the latest international award for patient-centered excellence (REALLY?). Northport received this award for its Mind-Body Room, which reduces anxiety in Veterans suffering with PTSD. This room is locked away in Bldg. #65 - PRRP; available to the 8 PTSD Residents only. Word on the street has it that this room is used more for naptime by the PRRP Residents than anything else. Yet another stellar use of Veterans healthcare dollars!

o   Per VHA Directive 1192, all employees must complete the
appropriate section of Appendix B Health Care Influenza Vaccination form whether they take or decline the flu shot. Please don’t freak out! Any staff not receiving a flu shot must wear a MASK starting November 30. Be advised that you have read the entire directive, and Appendix B must be filled out and taken to Occupational Health in Rm. C1-29 by Nov. 30. You don’t want to risk getting a Pink Slip from Steve “The Snake” Snyder.

o   Free turkeys will be offered to Veterans on Saturday, Nov. 18, at
noon in the Bldg. 200 Pavilion. You will have to get on line starting about 6:30 in the morning to beat the Employees to the punch. By 12:06 pm all the birds will be have flown the coop in Employees trunks. There goes your “patient-centered care” right out the front gate.

o   A Benefits Open Season Fair will be held on Wednesday, Nov. 15, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Bldg. 5 Auditorium; you know, the building with all that mold. This year’s Federal Open Benefits season will run from November 13 through December 11. It is time to review your health benefits and make necessary changes. Various carriers will be present to answer any questions employees may have. Please do it this year. You may not have these benefits, or a job, next year.

o   Remember that mold problem that forced OSHA to close the Bldg. #5 Auditorium a few months ago? Well, seems like the building is back in business for functions of all types in this mold-infested, 90-year-old edifice. Not only do they hold the Benefits Open Season Fair in this building, but they are also holding the Wednesday Lunchtime Yoga for Employees in the lower level (i.e. the basement) of Bldg. 5. 
         However, for the Upper Class, Thursday’s yoga class will be          
         back in Rm. A1-5 at noon. We don’t want to infect all our          
         Employees at the same time.

o   Oh, do you have an idea that will improve the efficiency, economy or effectiveness of Government operations or otherwise benefit the Government?
         They want to hear your plan! 
         Exclusions and Awards Eligibility can be found in VA Handbook                5017/17- Part II Employees Ideas & Inventions. Please submit your            suggestion(s). 
         If you have any questions or concerns about the program and          
         eligibility, please contact Tina Blackwood, Human Resources          
         Management Service at ext. 2715 or at  

o   If you have items for Roundup, e-mail them to Christopher “Toddles” and AnnaMarie “Antoinette”


Let’s see how they can screw this one up!

Keeping Up with All Your VA Appointments

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How to Schedule an Appointment

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View the list of facilities that offer online scheduling.

VA Facilities Using the Online Scheduling Tool

And, now, for the disclaimer!

For the week of November 5 - 17, 2017 the VA is actively working to expand access to online scheduling to all VA medical centers on this list. If your facility is listed below, but you are still having problems connecting to the tool, please use this link to schedule an appointment online or call your facility directly .

New Jersey & New York (VISN 2)

1.    James J. Peters VA Medical Center (Bronx, NY)

2.    Northport VA Medical Center (Northport, NY)

3.    VA New Jersey Health Care System (East Orange, NJ and Lyons, NJ)

4.    VA NY Harbor Health Care System (Brooklyn, NY, New York, NY and Jamaica, NY)


If you are an employee of our little Hospital on the hill, you might want to check to see if your own medical records have been flagged as “sensitive”. It is VA Regulation that all employee medical records be flagged to prevent unauthorized access. This matter has been the focus of a large number of VA/OIG, Office of Special Counsel, and Joint Commission inquiries and hearings here in Northport. I would recommend that Patients go see Dorothy Baker in Bldg. #62 to do the same. Seems like accessing your medical records is a favorite tactic of the management to bully, intimidate, and abuse Employees and Patients alike. You can ask for a “SPAR” report from Ms. Baker, on a monthly basis to see if anyone has gained unauthorized access to your records.


Ø How many Employees are either retiring or outright quitting?

Ø How many Employees, especially married ones, are still having extra-marital affairs with other Employees?


NBC News 4 NY, Greg Cergol, I-Team Investigation - Liver Fluke and our Veteran population - the parasite that is killing our Soldiers.

Promo for the video =

If you miss seeing it on Tuesday night, between 6:00-6:30 PM, you can catch it on their website =

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, and,

remember, be careful what you wish for.


Sunday, November 5, 2017

VAMC Northport, NY - Weekly News Dump

Week of 10/30 -11/3
"Our little Hospital on the hill"

News flash:
4:01 pm EDT 
Philly “The Fat Man” Mo-Shitt-A sighting!
- King Kullen supermarket in Huntington, NY; headed for the pastry, bread, and cake section

Let’s start previewing the best of 2017 before the year ends.
no Fellowship, no Board Certification,
but I work at the VA!
As reported previously, the chemotherapy administration protocols are ancient and not due to be updated any time soon. Apparently, there is a Chief O’Oncology, but whoever it is seems to invisible. Gee, could this be yet another VA no-show job? Damn, I’ve been in the wrong business! It also seems that someone’s significant other is practicing in this department despite their inability to be “Certified”, or finish a “Fellowship” in this discipline. God forbid you need treatment for something like Liver Fluke. Chances are very high you won’t receive anywhere near the correct protocols for testing, drug administration, or follow up. And that’s an easy cancer to treat and prevent; just think of all the other cancers that are floating around our little Hospital on the hill.
One such cancer in particular, pancreatic cancer has reared its ugly head again. Yet another ex-employee has just been diagnosed. I understand that Long Island has some of the highest rates of cancer in the nation. But, when you find one hotspot that has more than three times the national average for one particular cancer, you might want to take a serious public health interest in what is causing that. I guess it couldn’t be the water supply that is laced with radon and other heavy metals and carcinogens from the old Northport Dump! are so screwed!
Apparently, “Chatty” Cathy has come up with her Master Plan on saving the VAMC Northport. The solution lies in making our little Shangri-La into the nation’s super power for Veterans’ Tele-Medicine. I do remember that she was somehow involved with the Telemedicine Program that crashed and burned a few years ago. And, now, she wants to take a failed, bankrupt plan to a higher level? Hey, Joanne “Of Arc”, do you know about this? We’ll have to get another door plague for “Chatty” Cathy’s office door!

Word on the street has HR, with Steve “The Snake” teaming up with Colleen “The Co-Conspirator”, our new Associate Director, as they have come up with a plan to target Doctors for layoff notices (really firings). Luckily no one has to tell Congress or the Joint Commission, as they all read this Blog. To this end, it appears that the surgical caseload has dwindled to practically nothing with surgeries being delayed, and/or cancelled. There is no one, at this point in time, available to head the Department; Scotty “Lock The Door” and Colleen “The Co-Conspirator” took care of that. And, there has been no job posting to fill the Chief O’Surgery position; as is the case with many senior job openings throughout this Hospital. 
Freaky Friday lives!

Seems as if Scotty “Lock The Door” wasn’t too satisfied with the newest “Employee Survey” results that just came out. He has put a “gag” order on the release of this report. Ooops...I do I hear a leak? There is a healthy dose of employee dissatisfaction and moral at this Hospital is at an all-time low. We have also just lost one of our finest Patient Advocates. This person was told that they had to be Scotty “Lock The Door’s” personal appointment secretary for all Employees and Patients. The answer was a big “F. U.” Now, who you gonna call?

And, of course, we are all awaiting the final demise of the “Veterans Choice Program”. It’s been bankrupt for three months and shows no sign of a pulse. Congress is looking seriously at the new “CARE” health program and our wonderful major VSO’s are getting behind it, too.
Which way did they go?
Can you say, “Privatization”?

HEY  VA !!

Monday, October 30, 2017


Freaky Friday - 10/23-10/27

10/13/2017 - Lester Sekowski, Assistant Chief O’Engineering, was relieved of his duties and sent to rest in EMS Dept. Lester then up and filed a formal Grievance on 10/20 . He beat Steve “The Snake” Snyder to the draw. Well played, Lester! Now, off you go to mismanage some other poor entity. The downside is that the Grievance will probably get quashed by management.

It is evident that the House Subcommittee on Oversight & Investigations is still actively pursuing major problems at the VAMC Northport. The Contract administrators involved in Maintenance and engineering Contracts are still under scrutiny from the Feb. 2016 closing of all the Operating Suites, and other disastrous, overpriced projects.
Mismanaged projects since then that are still under the microscope are: the failure of the entire A/C system in the main Hospital, problems with the quality and installation of the solar panels over the employee parking lots, roof repairs on 90-year old buildings, HVAC problems in 90-year old buildings, mold patching in 90-year old buildings, rodent infestation in 90-year old buildings, an ineffective water purification plant, malfunctioning steam heat pipes inside and between the buildings, a deteriorating road infrastructure.
All these projects are ongoing, mismanaged, and overpriced. Some of them are “No Bid” contracts awarded to someone’s family relatives.

The Northport VA Medical Center Handles a Cooling Tower Crisis
On March 10, 2015, The Northport Veterans Affairs Medical Center was presented with a big problem: The piping connecting four cooling towers that served two buildings on the large campus ruptured and lost all cooling capacity.
The buildings are part of a nearly century old, 200-building, 1.4 million square foot facility on a 253-acre site on the north shore of Suffolk County on Long Island, New York.
In the short term, temporary air-cooled chillers were brought in and service was restored within 48 hours, according to Facility Chief Engineer Ronald Brattain. Clearly, however, more significant fixes were necessary. The next step was to determine a path forward. The VA entered into a $15.5 million, 15-year utility energy service contract (UESC) with National Grid, the utility that serves Long Island. National Grid contracted with ConEd Solutions to assess the job and perform the work. ConEd Solutions settled on four cooling towers from Evapco and ancillary pipes, pumps and controls from Johnson FX Controls, said Jason Masters, the VA Project Manager.
Masters said that the equipment has a life expectancy of 25 years and will pay for itself in about half that time. Annual energy savings are thought likely to be $90,000, which is 15 percent to 23 percent less than previous average expenditures. However, the unplanned nature of the project means that the baseline is a less certain than in other instances.
Due to recent employee vacancies, the job listing here was not hard to find and not unexpected:

J--Service for Filtrine Chiller Model #PCP-750G-96AR-SSD-LB-AS SERIAL #9205/06
[please see attached Statement of Work]Top of FormBottom of Form
Subject: J--Service for Filtrine Chiller Model #PCP-750G-96AR-SSD-LB-AS SERIAL #9205/06 please see attached Statement of Work
Solicitation Number: VA24217N0994
Notice Type: SRCSGT
NAICS: 333415
Notice Published: 08-21-17
Response Due: 08-25-17
Agency: Department of Veterans Affairs
Office: Bronx VAMC (NAL)
Contact: Natalie Acevedo
Office Address: Department of Veterans Affairs; Network Contracting Office 2;James J. Peters VA Medical Center;130 West Kingsbridge Road; Bronx NY 10468-3904
Place of Performance: Northport VA Medical Center;79 Middleville Road; Northport, NY 11768

Please note that this is NOT a request for quotes or proposals, the Government is seeking information for market research purposes only. Network Contracting Office (NCO) 2 of the Department of Veterans Affairs is currently conducting a market survey for qualified firms capable of providing Full Service and Preventive Maintenance for FILTRINE Chiller, model PCP-750G-96AR-SSD-LB-AS serial number 9205/06. The North American Industry Classification Systems (NAICS) is 333415. Responses to this notice must be submitted in writing (email or fax) and must be received no later than August 25, 2017 at 12:00 PM. Email: 
NATALIE.ACEVEDO@VA.GOV and Fax: 718-741-4722. No telephone inquiries will be accepted. Interested parties MUST provide company/individual name, a capability statement, examples of same or similar work performed at other facilities, DUNS number and address, point of contact and social-economic. Interested parties who do not submit the above information on or before the response due date and time will not be considered for this procurement.
The purpose of this notice is to gain knowledge of potential qualified sources and their size classification/socioeconomic status (service-disabled veteran owned small business, veteran owned small business, women owned small business, HUB Zone, 8(a), small business or large business), relative to NAICS 333415. Responses to this notice will be used by the Government to make appropriate acquisition decisions. A solicitation is not currently available. If a solicitation is issued, it will be announced on GSA E-buy website at a later date, and all interested parties must respond to that solicitation announcement separately from the responses to this announcement.
Please review Statement of Work (SOW) attached
Northport VAMC, 79 Middleville Road, Northport, New York 11768
Furnish all necessary labor, equipment, tools, materials, repair service, software updates, parts, etc., for complete On-Site Maintenance Service as specified below in accordance with the terms, conditions and schedule of this agreement.
Contract Extension: The Government will have the Option to extend the Term of the contract for Four (4) additional years at the prices you bid. This is in accordance with the provision of FAR 52.217-9 in Section A.8 "Contract Clauses" of this Solicitation.
BASE PERIOD One Year (12 months), from Date of Award
Service/Maintenance: 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
EQUIPMENT: Equipment to be serviced/maintained includes:
Filtrine Chiller, Model PCP-750G-96AR-SSD-LB-AS, Serial Number 9205/06, located at the LINEAR ACCELERATOR Suite, Building 200 North Basement, VA Medical Center 79 Middleville Road, Northport NY, 11768.
The contractor shall ensure that the equipment (hardware and software) functions in conformance with the latest FDA (medical device regulations (including but not limited to Class I, Class II, Class III and MDDS), validation, quality assurance and compliance), latest published edition of NFPA-99, TJC, OSHA, CDRH, and any other performance standards and specifications used when the equipment was procured by VA and any upgrades/updates.
The contractor has ready access to unique and/or high mortality replacement parts. All parts supplied shall be compatible with existing equipment. The contract shall include all parts except consumables. The contractor shall use OEM new or re-built parts. New parts shall be furnished by the contractor and guaranteed against defects and/or failure for a period of 1 year from the date of completed installation of the component. Used parts, those removed from another similar system shall not be installed without approval by the COR.

Looks like the VAMC Northport can’t be trusted to manage its own Contracts. This all has to be run through the Bronx, NY VAMC for the entire process.

$115,652 - $150,349 a year
Do you have experience working as a Supervisory General Engineer within a hospital or medical center environment - coordinating,... read more
Department of Veterans Affairs - 24 days ago - save job - more...


Oh! Check out the handicapped access ramp into the back entrance of Bldg. #64. It’s been reported for many months as a safety hazard. It ices over in the winter! Veterans and Staff have tripped, fallen, and injured themselves because management refuses to fix the broken, deteriorating wooden ramp.

I heard that no coding & outside billing has occurred for over 9 months for inpatient services, endoscopies and surgeries, etc. The person who does that has been out of work since January, 2017 from a car accident. Why did this take almost a year to discover? This runs through the reign of Philly “The Fat Man”, Vinnie “Three Fingers”, and Scotty “Lock The Door.
Apparently, this lack of coding has cost our little “Hospital On The Hill” millions of dollars. And, when you bill outside Insurance Companies, you only have 28 days to retrieve the “account payable”. Some folks are speculating that  they may not be able to make payroll shortly. No wonder the place is $11 million in the red!

Colleen “The Co-Conspirator” Luckner just made permanent Assistant Director. She will need the Sign Department to make a new door plague to go with all the others she has amassed.

Word on the street has it that there a “Stand Down” for the Residents in the PRRP Unit. All the Department Chiefs were there to highlight their services. There was one glaring exception on the attendance list: the Chief of Psychiatry! How do you explain that, when the PRRP Unit falls directly under that Department Chief?

Family of Marine Who Died at VA Hospital Gets $2.3M Settlement

1) The institution of a new policy by Scotty “Lock The Door” that is denying “Unpaid Leave Of Absence” to any and all employees. How many more EEOC complaints will get filed? How much of our budget money will go toward settling these complaints?

2) The Human Resources Department’s (Steve “The Snake’s”) hit list of employees to be fired and/or harassed into quitting. And, where is the Chief O’Human Resources in all this? I heard that the “Hit List” has been confirmed by someone who asked if they were on it. Both the list and that employees name being on that list were confirmed.
3) The effect of Scotty “Lock The Door’s” declaration; “If an employee doesn’t like the mold at the VA, they can just leave and find another job.” You get an “Atta-Boy” for that, Scotty!

4) Exactly how old are the Oncology protocols for VAMC Northport when it comes to Chemotherapy? Apparently, there was a "Mock Survey" conducted by the Joint Commission. They banged Philly “The Fat Man” on this some time ago, and nothing has changed. Word is that the full time, septuagenarian Chief O”Oncology likes his 30 year old, obsolete Chemotherapy protocols. Only problem is that now no one can seem to find out where he's hiding!

5) And, then, of course there is the MOLD! Someone sent some glossy, full-color photos from Bldg. #12, Room #110-A, IT Dept.

Many file contents marked "SENSITIVE"

water damage to flooring
Personnel files

major water and mold damage to outer plaster wall

                   HEY VA.....