Sunday, October 15, 2017

VA Medical Center, Northport, NY - Weekly News Dump

It’s Freaky Friday, again!
For the week of: Oct. 9-13, 2017
Elmer Fudd couldn’t sneak up on that pesky “Wabbitt” as quietly as the Doctors are slipping out the back door here in Northport. I guess they don’t want to wait around to be fired on a Friday. They are being pro-active and quitting.
This week we’re going to play a little game called “NICE!--NOT NICE!”. I am stealing this from the Comedy Channel’s Series, “The President Show” (Thursday @ 12 midnight - DVR it if you can); only because it so aptly pertains to what is going on at this Hospital. I will also throw in a little “Screaming At The TV” from the same show as this is the reaction from about 95% of Employees and Veterans connected with this fine establishment.
Here’s how we do this:


                                        NOT NICE!

The 40 year old PTSD              The Bldg. #65 mold and rodent infestation
Residential treatment               that sends Employees and Veteran Patients
program in Bldg. #65               to the Emergency Room, Employee Health
                                                   Clinic, and the inpatient Medical Wards in
                                                   the main Hospital.

The 40 year old PTSD              The Program’s “Veteran-Centric” load of
Residential treatment               micro-management paperwork that has been
program in Bldg. #65               dumped in the laps of a very few Program
                                                   Employees and is fast leading to burnout for
                                                   these folks.

The 40 year old PTSD             The refusal by management to properly
Residential treatment               staff this Inpatient/Residential Program
program in Bldg. #65               with enough Staff to run it; Nursing, Social
             Work, Psychology, Psychiatry, and
             Peer-to-Peer Counselors.


The 40 year old PTSD              3-4 hour stretches of time when
Residential treatment               there is no one available to staff the
program in Bldg. #65               Reception Desk, answer the phones,
                                                   or allow entry to the Unit for authorized


The 40 year old PTSD              Wait times increasing; under-staffing
Residential treatment               leading to moral decreasing and
program in Bldg. #65               and attitudes tanking.


Most Specialty                          Wait times increasing; under-staffing leading
Clinic Staff                               to moral decreasing and attitudes tanking;
                     inability to actually see a Doctor; 
                     once-a-week Clinic scheduling; Staff 
                     meetings during Office visiting hours.


Telephones and                         The systemic lack of communication
Computers                                 between Clinics, Doctors, Nurses,         
         Patients, and administration.


Visits by OSHA,                       management locking out access and contact
the House Committee              with Employees and Veteran Patients on
on Veterans Affairs,                Veteran and Hospital issues. 
and the Joint


Steaks and Veterans                   The New Veteran “Stakeholder”
brought to you by,
Scotty “Lock The Door”


Robots; esp.:  “Davinci”Surgical Robots           VAMC spending $1million, or so, on a                        Surgical Robot  when there are no Doctors on            Staff qualified to operate one and there are no          Technicians available to operate and maintain such      an instrument. The entire electrical power grid for the Surgical Department would need to be upgraded to run this Instrument and its secondary and tertiary operating  systems. The current electrical circuitry would overload to the point of bringing the entire Hospital to a
“blackout” condition. Ooops! Someone (Joanne “Of Arc” McInerney) forgot to read the instruction manual.                                                                                       _________________________________________________________________

Paved roads as part of             Borrowing money from Peter to pay 
a sustainable                             Paul when you try to find enough 
infrastructure.                          money to purchase a few bags of 
                                                   “Cold Patch” and a bucket of bucket 
                                                of “Driveway Sealer” from Home Depot 
                                                to fill the bomb craters in the streets of this fine establishment. Nice try!



The Planetree Pyramid/Ponzi Scheme “consultants” paying for the $300,000.00 remodeling of Scotty “Lock The Door’s” Palatial Estate on the Grounds of the Hospital. $100,000.00 of which is still apparently unaccounted for and/or missing! Can you say, “FOIA request”? A big Veteran shout-out to Marge “Large & In Charge” Rogan for her most excellent beautification efforts on Scotty’s new Palatial Estate. Honorable mention must be made to the Planetree Pyramid/Ponzi Scheme folks for using - you guessed it - VA money.

Scotty “Lock The Door”, “Chatty” Cathy Cruise, and Steve “The Snake” Snyder colluding to deny a long-time Employee unpaid leave of absence to get further, ongoing treatment for his Pancreatic Cancer. Can you say, “EEOC”?

“Chatty” Cathy’s ever-expanding grip on the reigns of power: acting Hospital Chief O’Staff, Chief O’PM & R, Chief O’Extended Care, Chief O’Education. Why not make her Chief O’Surgery, too? Hell, why stop there? If this is too much for “Chatty” Cathy to manage, perhaps they can dig up Gene Mohan and reinstate him to a few Chief positions.

Very quietly, “Marky” Mark Kaufman is being allowed to sail off into the sunset with a Marguerite in one hand and a big fat retirement pension in the other. He just has to hold out until he reaches the ripe old age of 62 (coming up shortly) so, I guess he won’t be taking any Neurology appointments down in Bay Shore, or wherever they’re hiding him.

What We’re Watching:

1) Noises coming from “Nursing Home 3” (NH3) indicate a rather serious ongoing investigation into the choking death of a Patient a number of months ago. Seems the Inspector General’s folks will be paying a little visit to our Hospital on the hill. Word on the street has it that Scotty “Lock The Door” has hired a legal Consultant to coach everyone on how to best answer any questions from the I. G.

2) Why are Veterans’ and Employees’ money being diverted to “Area Beautification”, Wall Murals, top of the line accessories for Scotty’s Palatial Estate, relocation of the executive offices, legal Consultants, etc.

3) And, last but not least, how many tens of thousands of dollars re going into an internal surveillance program to monitor all electronic transmissions to and from Employees and Veteran Patients. Hey, Scotty......Can you hear me now?

HEY.....VA !


Sunday, October 8, 2017


The week of: Oct. 2 - Oct. 6
Well, they’re finally back on track with “Freaky Friday”. The poop hit the fan at the end of this week, and I don’t know if there is enough toilet paper to clean up the mess.
Me thinks Scotty “Lock The Door” Guermonprez is getting more grey hair as the days pass. Maybe he can check with the President to find out just which hair dye to use in an attempt to further the “cover up” in Northport.
Now, let’s talk Joint Commission. Their “Mission Statement” right off their web page reads:
An independent, not-for-profit organization, The Joint Commission accredits and certifies nearly 21,000 health care organizations and programs in the United States. Joint Commission accreditation and certification is recognized nationwide as a symbol of quality that reflects an organization’s commitment to meeting certain performance standards.
Our Mission:  To continuously improve health care for the public, in collaboration with other stakeholders, by evaluating health care organizations and inspiring them to excel in providing safe and effective care of the highest quality and value. 
Vision Statement:
  All people always experience the safest, highest quality, best-value health care across all settings.
Let’s also talk OSHA. Their “Mission Statement” reads:
OSHA's Mission
With the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, Congress created the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to assure safe and healthful working conditions for working men and women by setting and enforcing standards and by providing training, outreach, education and assistance.

OSHA is part of the United States Department of Labor. The administrator for OSHA is the Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health. OSHA's administrator answers to the Secretary of Labor, who is a member of the cabinet of the President of the United States.

These are two Agencies that have the ability, no questions asked, to put a lock and chain on the entire VA Medical Center in Northport, NY. OSHA can do it solely on environmental issues. The Joint Commission can do it on administrative grounds. With all that has transpired over the last few months and years, both these Agencies would be well within their bounds to do just that.
In the meantime, there are VA administrators trying desperately to stall the inevitable outcome and demise of this 90 year old Medical Center mainly to save their own skin and Bank accounts. What is not yet evident is just how much the VA hierarchy in Washington, DC is aware of at this Facility. 
 My guess is that the Hospital administrator, Scotty “Lock The Door” Guermonprez, and the Regional Office, Joanne “Of Arc” McInerney, are trying their damnedest to block information from ever reaching Washington, DC. The only problem here is that there is always a back door for this information to reach the authorities at VA headquarters; the VA Office of Inspector General, the Office of Special Counsel, the House Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, etc.
After many futile attempts to address a myriad of problems at this VA Hospital by internal means, both Employees and Veteran Patients have resorted to the U.S. Congress, The Joint Commission, and OSHA to express their concerns of safety and health at this Facility.
And, guess what? All three showed up and are going to continue to show up in Northport until something drastic is done to solve the gross mistreatment and mismanagement of Employees and Veterans at this installation.
Now, let’s get back to Freaky Friday! Remember that Louie “The Lip” Errichiello, Facility Safety Chief, responded to OSHA complaints two weeks ago. He came up with a plan that completely remediates all the mold and rodent problems across the entire Campus. A big plan, indeed? No, it’s just a Band-Aid for a sucking chest wound.
Then a Congressional delegation showed up and was given the “Cinderella Tour” of the Campus, locked away from contact with Employees and Veterans, and sent packing with the “Company Line”: not to worry, we have this all under control and our little plan will be completed by the middle of November.
Only two problems here: the first problem is that this Medical Center has no money to afford this little remediation plan; secondly, when they asked the Congressional delegation for some emergency budget money to implement their plan, they were summarily turned down. (I think that was the point at which Louie “The Lip” came out of the meeting and proceeded to back his van into a Police car! Oh the stress of it all!

It was reported that, because this “administration” is totally brand new (all three of them), no one will be fired, reprimanded, or disciplined for any of these problems. So, it seems that the VA will simply change the players from time to time to keep their collective noses clean from blame and consequences. Scotty “Lock The Door” also asked for specific monies to demolish Bldg.’s 1 & 2, which have been condemned for ten years. I do hope that Scotty understands that the communication trunk lines for the entire Campus run through these two buildings. (These lines were compromised by hungry rats not too long ago and all the Facility’s communications were lost until Verizon folks in Haz-Mat suits showed up to fix the cables.)

Our crack administration has also revived an old plan (from Philly “The Fat Man” Mo-Shitt-A) to pave over the front of Bldg. #200, the main Hospital
building, to provide 80 more parking spaces.
Two more problems with this: first, he has no money to do this, and, secondly, he needs 380 more parking spaces - not 80 (and, not just in front of the main building).

Scotty “Lock The Door” was in for another little surprise when, this week, the Joint Commission showed up on.....yes....Friday for a little look see. He and his entourage tried desperately to keep these folks from inspecting the buildings for which they had the most serious complaints. Word on the street had Mr. & Mrs. Thomesen soiling their breeches as this all unfolded. Mr. “T” was heard to have said, “Nothing to see here. Move along folks!” Fortunately, for us, Scotty “Lock The Door”, Louie “The Lip”, et al failed miserably in their attempt to gloss over and hide from view all the problems that had been reported.

I heard that the 1st Floor of Bldg. #65 got a rather thorough inspection. Apparently, this included members of the Commission getting up on ladders and inspecting the double and triple “canopy” drop ceilings and the accompanying mess, mold, and rodent feces above everyone’s head. I can’t wait to get that little report!
Our fearless leaders also have a plan to consolidate medical and mental health services out of the compromised buildings and into serviceable builds. I wonder 

what qualifies as a “serviceable” building at this point. The plan calls for all administrative functions and personnel to vacate Bldg. #200 and be moved to other locations on the Campus. Some services are said to be up for relocation to the satellite clinics around Long Island. I wonder if the clinics know of this plan and have room to accommodate more services and programs. They certainly didn’t know what to do with Patty “The Whisperer” Burke and “Marky” Mark Kaufman when they mysteriously showed up at the CBOC’s.
So, along with Scotty and the crew, we all have to sit back and await the outcomes of the Northport responses and ensuing Agency follow ups. These are all do to be accomplished by November 17, 2017; the week after Veterans Day!
1) There is a situation concerning the Nursing Administration. Reports are coming in about the top tier of Nursing Salaried personnel; Nurse “5” level. I am hearing that there are a plethora of Nurses at this level and they being hidden from site by our fearless leaders. Why, I don’t know, but the truth will out!
2) We still have an ear to ground concerning the alarming rates of Pancreatic Cancer being contracted at this VA Facility by Employees. Further study into the New York State Water Aquifer Pollution Report concerning the Northport Dump will be ongoing. New York State does have a Department of Health and they may be very interested, as well.
3) We’re still trying to track down that reported $100k missing/unaccounted for from Scotty “Lock The Door’s” palatial estate remodeling job.
4) We are keeping an eye out for the repercussions from the Planetree Pyramid/Ponzi Scheme folks on our crack Performance Improvement team.
5) Inquiring minds still want to know how Hussein “The Fearless” Foda continues to reap financial gain from all the “Research” Grant money flowing through the VAMC Northport. Can you say Research Corporation of Long Island?
6) And, of course, OSHA, the Joint Commission, Congressional people, etc., etc.......