Saturday, September 16, 2017

VAMC Northport - Freaky Friday!

Here’s this weeks “Freaky Friday” News dump from your Uncle Hutch.
There were some tasty items on this past week’s menu; starting with the mold problems......
I bet you didn’t know that there is no more mold in the Auditorium (aka Bldg. #5)? The now leaderless crack maintenance crew came over and scraped, spackled, and painted the entire main floor. This apparently has some sort of “trickle-down” effect into the basement and will, by osmosis, cure the mold problem in the basement. All this action has occurred because of a scheduled lunch next week with self-aggrandizing speeches and awards to be held in the Auditorium.
I’m wondering where they found the money to do such extensive remediation on this building.
Oh, the Planetree Pyramid/Ponzi Scheme, Inc. folks are visiting next week, too.
And, then, there’s my favorite Neurologist.: “Marky” Mark Kauffman.
He’s b-a-a-a-ck with his $250k salary and no Patients on his books! 
Seems like getting “lawyered up” last month served him well. He covered the non-story of his impending transfer to the Bronx VA by getting a note from his Doctor stating he had a medical condition that precluded him from making the commute from Northport to the Bronx. He proceeded to weasel his way back into the Hospital, here, but hit a little turn in the road as he got banished to the VA’s Bay Shore Community Based Outpatient Clinic (CBOC) as a Staff Neurologist. I may just have to put in for a “Consult” to see if I can make an appointment with him. He’s going to feel very lonely down there, so please show him the same "love and respect" he has shown us Veterans over the years. 
Scotty “Lock The Door” seems to having a remarkable success ratio going on this account.
As the beginning of a new fiscal year is fast approaching, it will be interesting to see if anything has changed. Does the VAMC Northport receive any meaningful budget, or emergency money, from Washington? The state of their $9 million ++ budget shortfall for this year may have a large bearing on the decisions that get made at 810 Vermont Ave. NW in Washington DC.
Can you say, “bulldozers and dump trucks”?
On a lighter note:
 “Chatty” Cathy Cruise is thoroughly enjoying her brief stint as Chief of Staff at Northport. She is fitting right in by denying the past and showing total ignorance of the present and future. There’s this little thing that Doctors do to document their treatments of Patients. It’s called “Coding”. 
If you have ever dealt with Insurance Companies, you know that everything you do through them needs a specific “Code”. Turns out that “Chatty” Cathy doesn’t know what “Coding” means, and she’s been in this Hospital environment for well over 16 years! I wonder how that’s going to work out for her?
If you have driven up to the VA Hospital in Northport recently, you may have noticed that one of the old Management Residences has been under renovation for the last couple of months. Seen this week out in front of this house was a large Moving Van. 
Looks like Scotty “Lock The Door” is finally moving into his new Palatial Estate. The cost to taxpayers and Veterans for renovating a 90-year old house? A mere $300,000.00. But, wait, it gets better; apparently $100k of that money has not been accounted for.
Yup...up in smoke! Word on the street has it that Planetree Pyramid/Ponzi Scheme, Inc. had its hands in the cookie jar, here.
Also heard, Paulie “The Hook” Yarborough (Prosthetics Department employee) got nailed by EOC on some harassment charges. And, from our medical Primary Care Teams, Sterling “Silver” Alexander along with his buddy Mandar “The Magnificent” Tank have befallen similar fates with EOC: sexual harassment and sex discrimination.
I was under the impression that harassment and discrimination were acceptable behaviors at the VA at any level.

Damn....there goes the neighborhood!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Study of Marijuana's Effects on PTSD Struggles to Recruit

This Feb. 1, 2011, file photo shows medical marijuana clone plants 
at a medical marijuana dispensary in Oakland, Calif. Jeff Chiu/AP
Stars and Stripes | 8 Sep 2017 | by Nikki Wentling

 WASHINGTON -- After seven years of struggling to launch the first government-approved study of marijuana's effects on veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder, lead researcher Sue Sisley was optimistic in February, when her team was finally allowed to start enrolling veterans to participate.
Seven months later, though, Sisley has screened thousands of veterans, yet enrolled only 26 who meet the eligibility criteria -- prompting concern the study's parameters must change. If that happens, the study could be delayed, Sisley said.
At issue is the researchers' lack of access to the Department of Veterans Affairs hospital in Phoenix, just 20 miles from where the study is being conducted. Sisley sees potential there to find a large group of veterans who might be resistant to other PTSD treatments and looking for an alternative.
"None of this would have to occur if the Phoenix VA hospital would start cooperating," Sisley said. "If that happens, we could easily complete the trial."
The VA has said federal law restricts the agency from researching medical marijuana or referring veterans to projects involving marijuana.
Limited pool
As of Thursday, the research team had completed 319 telephone screenings, and 78 veterans were interviewed in person. Sisley has been contacted informally by more than 3,000 veterans, through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.
On Wednesday, she enrolled the 26th veteran. The Food and Drug Administration, Drug Enforcement Agency and Department of Health and Human Services have approved the clinical trial, which needs 76 participants to be viable.
Most of the veterans aren't making it into the study because of where they live, Sisley said. Those veterans participating are required to visit the Scottsdale Research Institute in Phoenix 10 times over 18 weeks, and then have a six-month follow-up.
The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is funding the study with a $2.1 million grant, but there's not enough money to cover travel for out-of-state veterans, Sisley said. Having veterans relocate to Arizona could also affect the results, she said.
"Relocating for weeks with no financial assistance, they would lose all their social support back home, and that could harm the data because they would be stressed by the relocation," she said.
The study, which uses four potencies of marijuana, intends to replicate real-world use of the drug. Participants are allotted 1.8 grams each day, but they can choose how much to smoke. They're asked to keep a daily journal.
The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies in Santa Cruz, Calif., is sponsoring the study. The association began clamoring for participants after Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore dropped out in March, transferring its work to the small team in Phoenix and narrowing the pool of veterans who could participate. Johns Hopkins said its goals were not in alignment with MAPS. The decision came after MAPS spoke out against the poor quality of government-provided marijuana used in the research.
Now, Sisley is fighting to gain access to more veterans at the Phoenix VA, though the agency's response is unwavering.
Against VA policy
Sisley wrote a letter to VA Secretary David Shulkin in August, pleading for access to discuss the study with VA health care providers in Phoenix so they could refer their patients to it. She also asked to post FDA-approved flyers around the hospital.
"We are being blocked from doing so, despite the fact that this is a federally legal study aiming to seek information on how cannabis may help veterans with PTSD," said Rebecca Matthews, clinical operations manager for MAPS. "Access to veterans at the local VA in Phoenix would be a boost for recruitment, for sure. We are hopeful the VA will change their position to better support our veterans and research that aims to support veterans."
VA policy implemented in 2011 prohibits health care providers from sharing their opinions with veterans about marijuana or recommending it for medical use.
In a statement Wednesday, the VA remained steadfast in its position.
"If the researcher is truly interested in finding veterans for her study, she should spend more time recruiting candidates and less time writing letters to the media," said VA spokesman Curt Cashour.
He suggested Sisley speak to Veterans Service Organizations or State Officials in Arizona for help with recruiting.
Even though some Veterans Organizations, such as the American Legion, have come out in support of the study, local Posts haven't mustered many volunteers, Sisley said. Referrals from those local Posts are "dwindling."
The potential effects of not recruiting Veterans fast enough are unclear.
Sisley and Matthews said the eligibility criteria might have to change. To enroll, Veterans must be diagnosed with chronic PTSD brought on by Military Service, and researchers want to recruit a range of ages, as well as both men and women. Other specific eligibility criteria aren't publicly disclosed, Sisley said, to prevent Veterans from lying to gain entry to the study.
"Most the Veterans look really defeated when they don't get invited to enroll," she said. "They get screened out for something, and we're not allowed to tell them why."
Enrolled Veterans have already started the trial. Sisley worries that if the criteria change, the lab would eventually run out of work while the amendments go through an approval process -- creating a temporary shutdown.
Matthews, though, firmly believes there will be no delay.
"We have worked diligently for seven years to get this study running," she said. "We will not pause or stop the study over this small hiccup. We've had to clear much heftier roadblocks in the past."
'More than words'
During his "State of the VA" address at the White House in May, Shulkin said he was open to learning from any evidence that marijuana could be used to treat Veterans.
"I believe everything that could help Veterans should be debated by Congress and medical experts," Shulkin said at the time. "If there is compelling evidence that is helpful, I hope the people look at this and come up with a right decision, and we will implement that. There may be some evidence this is beginning to be helpful."
With Sisley and other researchers being blocked from the Phoenix VA, Veteran and medical marijuana advocate Sean Kiernan said he's worried Shulkin's message was just talk. Kiernan works with the Weed for Warriors Project and has advocated for marijuana as an alternative to addictive opioids. The group provides information and access to free, cannabis-based medicine for Veterans with proper paperwork.
He referenced an Aug. 24 article from the VA Office of Research and Development that found there was a "surprising" lack of evidence about marijuana's medical effects. The paper stated there were "very few studies”, and some of them were flawed.
Dr. Devan Kansagara, the lead author on the project, said in the paper, "We need better research."
"We need more than words stating everyone supports research; we need to see that support”, Kiernan said. "We need the results of this study for our institutions to change."
The American Legion, which has 2 million members, issued its support for the study last summer. Louis Celli, the Legion's National Director Of Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation, said the Organization had been attempting to mediate between Sisley and the VA.
"The American Legion is disappointed that we have been unsuccessful, so far, in fostering a comprehensive relationship," he said.
Since exploring marijuana as a potential treatment for PTSD and other conditions, American Legion leadership has heard from many of its members and other Veterans who said it's worked for them.
"We believe Dr. Sisley's study will form the basis for all future research in this area," Celli said. "If this study fails, we all fail -- and the Veterans will be the ones to suffer for it."

And, just a scant ten days ago I posted that the Federal Government, through the FDA, had "fast tracked" their study on a CURE for PTSD. That's actual CURE for PTSD!
Please go to the link, below, or my posting of September 1, 2017. Your Government would rather turn you into a full-fledged drug addict by addicting you to MDMA (Ecstasy) rather than allowing you take a few hits on a joint. 
                                 AND WE'RE THE IDIOTS??




Sunday, September 10, 2017

VAMC Northport NY - Still Giving Mold A Bad Name!

BLDG. #65
Through our various efforts to support fellow Veterans with PTSD, TBI, and Substance Abuse, we have once again been give the shaft by the VA Medical Center in Northport New York. We sponsor and co-sponsor three weekly evening “Peer-To-Peer” meetings at the Hospital. Two of those meetings are held in Building #65, which is a restricted Residential PTSD treatment Program. One of the meetings was being held in Building #5, which is the “Auditorium”. In Building #5, we utilized a room in the basement for years until that became untenable due to the mold situation, and just two months ago, we moved upstairs into the main Auditorium. Three weeks ago, that too became untenable due to the mold problem and we were reassigned to a room in the basement of the main Hospital.

Now, you might think that a room in the main Hospital would be totally free of any injurious contaminates; especially mold. We were assured this would be the case when we were given this new room assignment. Well, wait a minute...not so fast. One week prior to this reassignment there was a torrential downpour of rain on a Friday morning. Don’t you know all the basements and subterranean connector tunnels flooded. I missed the first meeting in this new location, but was present for the second one. As soon as I entered the basement area of the Hospital, it was very apparent to my nose that all was not well. The stench of mold was still overpowering three weeks after the flood. The irony is not lost in the fact that our new room is right next to the Hospital’s Food Service Kitchen and the “Patriot CafĂ©”. A little visual inspection easily showed the watermark stains from the flooding that the crack maintenance crew couldn’t seem to do away with. 
(Also, no one has even attempted to clean the ceiling vents - a throwback to last year’s Operating Room closures.)
BLDG. #5

Just an addendum: Our old location, Building #5 (the Auditorium), has been placed in lock-down. I have a feeling that OSHA has had something to do with that, though I am sure no one from this management will ever admit to it.
As a result, I felt there were a few folks in Washington DC who should be made aware of what’s going on here at our little VA Hospital in the bucolic rolling hills of Long Island.
Friday, Sept. 8, 2017
Dear Sir/Madame,
I am writing to lodge a formal complaint against the Management of the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Northport, New York (79 Middleville Rd., Northport, NY 11768). Three weeks ago on Friday August 24, we experienced large rain event that caused major flooding in the subterranean (basement) areas of all the buildings on this Campus. This includes the subterranean tunnel system that connects a large majority of the buildings (12 actively used buildings).
The result of this incident was that:
1.    Our known rat and mouse population ran rampant throughout the complex to avoid drowning (Stony Brook University Medical Center has determined that this population is carrying the “Hantavirus”).
2.    In the tunnels and basements, garbage was seen floating.
3.    Also in the tunnels, there were Veteran Patients in wheelchairs, who became stranded and had to be rescued by non-emergency Staff and/or other Veteran Patients.
As of September 8, the smell of mold in the tunnels and basements is still overwhelming. This includes the basement of the main Hospital building #200 which contains, among other departments, Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, PM & R, and Food Service.
I am not the only Veteran Patient who cannot physically use any of the services and many others housed in these basement locations. Due to my pulmonary situation I cannot breath in that environment. Yet, the Management of this Medical Center tells me there is no problem and that everything is just fine; nothing to see here. It is so very obvious they are lying to not only their Patients, but also their Employees. They are putting everyone at this Medical Center in grave health risks.
This comes on the heels of situations in two building that were deemed critical enough for OSHA to address.
1.    There are five outstanding issues in Building #65 (PRRP - PTSD Unit, 1st Floor) that have to do with rat infestation, spraying of an unknown insecticide while the Unit was fully active and occupied, failure to disclose sources, etc. (There is also an ongoing black mold situation in this building that is affecting the health of Employees and Patients.)
2.    The other building involved, so far, is the Auditorium (Building #5) which has various strains of mold bubbling and oozing out of the plaster on the interior walls and out of the ceiling air ducts (as demonstrated at the Congressional Subcommittee hearing in this building September 29, 2016). Building #5’s mold problems are from the roof all the way down to the basement.
It has also been reported that when it rains outside, it also rains inside in Building #6; a fully active office and Patient utilized building.
In conclusion:
#1 - I am asking that all possible remediation efforts be undertaken as soon as possible.
#2 - I am also asking that a formal, open, and transparent tracking program be put in place immediately for those Employees and Veteran Patients seeking any medical relief for these environmental conditions.
#3 - I am asking that that ALL Employees and Patients be notified that such a program exists and that they are urged to use it.
Hutch Dubosque
(631) 470-0958
10 Woolsey St., Huntington, NY  11743
President, PTSD Veterans Association of Northport, Inc.
Advisor to the Board, Victory For Veterans Foundation, Inc.
Veterans Advisory Committee, RIP Medical Debt, Inc.

Health concern complaint letters sent - Sept.8, 2017:
1.    Office of Special Counsel
2.    VA/OIG
3.    US Dept. of Labor / OSHA
4.    The Joint Commission
5.    New York State Dept. of Health
email cc:
Staff Members from the Offices of - Senator Charles Schumer, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Rep. Lee Zeldin, Rep. Tom Suozzi, Rep. Kathleen Rice

OSHA open violations at Building #65 - VAMC, Northport, NY
To Be Addressed By:     August 30, 2017
From: K.S. - 8/29/2017
1.     "It is alleged that employees are exposed to unsanitary conditions from rodents and dead rodents in the ceiling and throughout the building/'
2.     ''It is alleged that a chemical was sprayed in the area, causing multiple employees to have medical issues, such as but not limited to respiratory issues, racing heart, pounding headache, nausea, lightheadedness, and dizziness/'
3.     "It is alleged that employees working in building 65, were not provided with the name of the chemical being sprayed into the area, and were not aware that the spraying was taking place/'
4.     "It is alleged that employees are exposed to excessive heat and humidity in   building 65/'
5.     "It is alleged that employees have not been informed by management when the duct system in building 65 has last been cleaned, after repeatedly asking for this information" 
And, by the way, there was another “Freaky Friday” last week.
Little Ronnie “The Brat” Brattain got the axe as Director of Engineering. Looks like Scotty “Lock-The-Door” is seriously cleaning house of all Philly “The Fat Man” Moschitta’s cronies.
I wonder who’s next?

Could it be Hussein Foda, Mike Marino, Charlene Thomasen,...? Hmmmmm!

Monday, September 4, 2017

"We have met the enemy, and he is us."...Pogo

Are Veterans their own worst enemies? 
Lurking off in the shadows is an enemy that seems to be very elusive. Veterans have a number of known “public enemies”, and those have been well documented. Save for a few large issues, Veterans seem to love sticking their collective heads in the sand. Playing the “Ostrich” has effectively made Veterans their own worst co-enemies. This seems to be a simple case of denial, not ignorance, lack of intelligence, motivation, and the like. I have seen that this phenomenon has not been lost on the folks who make decisions affecting Veterans’ lives, and the question of what havoc and problems Veterans cause for themselves needs to be openly discussed, before many issues can be resolved.

I choose to call this phenomenon Deep Denial Syndrome after a fellow Veteran friend, who swears that the Department of Veterans Affairs healthcare he has received has been first-class. Upon further, in depth questioning, you quickly find out that his original statement doesn't hold water. In fact, he has encountered many problems, small and large, at the two VA medical Facilities he frequents.

He is not alone. Many of my Veteran friends project the same initial sentiment; only to change their tune when put under a spotlight. Friends are not the only source of this issue. I run across a multitude of Veterans on Facebook, in newspaper articles, on Military oriented web sites, and on personal blogs who fit the same scenario.

It goes something like this:
"My VA doctors found a small spot or two on my (pick an internal organ). They told me it was nothing serious and they would just 'monitor' the situation. I was told to come back and see them in twelve months. This went on for six years when one of the VA Radiologists took a look at my most recent scan and conclude I was in Stage IV Cancer. I was sent to the Oncology Clinic and given an appointment for three months out. I showed up at my Oncology appointment and was told that there was nothing they could do for me. I was told that I might have six to eight months to live and it was too bad they didn't catch it earlier. But, I can't complain now. That's just water over the damn."

This is classic Deep Denial Syndrome! It doesn’t have to be Cancer. It could be just about anything from Optometry to Primary Care visits, and beyond.

Somewhere in the mix, Veterans have forgotten that their Government made implicit and explicit promises to them when they raised their right hands to take the Oath. Some of those promises had to do with how your Government was going to treat you after your Service commitment was over. You were going to be handed over to The Department of Veterans Affairs, and you and your family would be taken care of for life. If you had medical issues you could enroll in the Veterans Health Administration. If you qualified for certain benefits, you could enroll in the Veterans Benefit Administration. Nobody told you it would be next to impossible to do this. Nobody told you of the reams of paperwork involved just to sign up for primary medical care: not to mention the waiting periods.

And, all along, you were just fine with this. You didn’t see any injustice in the system. They were treating you like a King. So, why complain; why stir the pot? Then, some unwitting Technician, Nurse, or Doctor springs the unthinkable on you one day.

Your response is “Oh well. If it hadn’t been this, it would have been something else. I’ll just do what they tell me to do and I’ll be okay with that. They’ve been so good to me I have no reason to question them at this point.”

“Hey, Skippy, what if any one of those folks had been paying attention from the beginning? Do you think things may have been detected earlier with a chance at a cure? Oh, you weren’t thinking about it like that, were you? I guess you got some of that Deep Denial Syndrome!”

And, people wonder why the Department of Veterans affairs and our Nation’s Veterans get along so well. So well, in fact, that in one small demographic (Long Island, NY) out of 180,000 Veterans in two small Counties, only 15% use the services of the local VA Medical and Mental Health network. You can’t tell me that 15% reflects an overall excellent rate of satisfaction with this particular Medical Center and its Community Network. Yet this is the impression the VA projects to the public as it declares, “We love our Veterans”.

Here’s the deal, my fellow Veterans.
Let’s make a conscious decision to stop fighting this War on two fronts. We have one common enemy in the Department of Veterans Affairs; they have made that abundantly clear. We don’t need to include ourselves on that enemies’ list.
  • For those of you who are fighting the good fight, please don’t give up the ship.
  • For those of you who prefer to stick your heads in the sand and let the VA have its way with you, please remember your fellow Veterans need you; much as you relied on the people to the left and right of you in the Service, we all need to stand as one now and continue this fight.
Failure to stand up and fight now will lead to catastrophic ends.
You will lose everything the Government has given you, but, more than that, you will create a legacy for future generations of Veterans that ensures their failure at this endeavor as well.
Is that what you want on your Tombstone?


Sunday, September 3, 2017


It’s official! The house cleaning has begun...

1) “Marky” Mark Kauffman cleared out his desk last week. He’s not going to the Bronx. He’s going home to Mamma.

2) Patty “The Whisperer Burke tried a number of different angles and hit brick walls at every turn. She also never went to the Bronx. Now she has formally handed in her Papers and is riding off into the sunset with “Marky” Mark.

3) One (very minor) correction from last week regarding a (very minor) player in all this. Steve “The Snake” Snyder ended up at the VA General Counsels’ Office in Brooklyn. I misstated that he had gone to the much more prestigious Office of Special Counsel: big difference.

4) Now, this week, we may see the coming of a brand spanking new Chief O’Staff. It seems Scotty “Lock The Door” has someone in mind who he feels will toe the line and do his bidding. Watch this space!

5) This week may also bring news of whether our crack management staff has deemed it necessary to respond to the five open OSHA violations from the first floor of Bldg. #65 (PRRP). I wonder if any of them realize that OSHA is one of the few Federal Agencies that has the authority to put a chain and lock on the door whenever and wherever they see fit; no questions asked. So, go right ahead them all that VA arrogance and ego, and see where that gets you. Oops!

6) Word on the street has it that a handful of “chosen” nurses are being reassigned to our “Best In Service” Quality Management Department. Apparently so many have already been sent there that there isn’t anything for them to do. They may be running out chairs and tables, so maybe some other departments could chip in and help them out with their furniture needs.

7) Remember those Outpatient Nurses who were being “forced” into reassignment to Inpatient duties? (This Blog, 8/21/2017) Well, word is that a number of them refused switch and got fired, and a number of them failed the trumped up “written exam” and were fired. Just how many, I’m’ not sure, but when you start firing Nurses from an already depleted Nursing Staff, you are sending a message loud and clear. I will repeat what that message is: If the VAMC Northport reaches its goal of trimming Staff (across the board) by 416 employees, they will come dangerously close to, if not under, the Staffing requirements needed to run a Hospital. At that point, in walks the Joint Commission and shuts the whole operation down...totally. So, between OSHA and the Joint Commission, Scotty “Lock The Door” has placed his butt “between a rock and hard place”.

8) Oh, breaking news! Scotty “Lock The Door” got a Police escort last week from the executive suites in Bldg. #10 over to the ghetto in Bldg. #7. He would have moved into Bldg. #6 to be very close to the Police Department Offices, but when it rains outside, it also rains inside Bldg. #6. Apparently, Scotty “Lock The Door” got a little skittish last year in Albany when a Veteran from Rochester called and threatened to shoot every one of the management at the Albany VA. That man is currently being prosecuted upstate. This seems to have prompted Scotty “Lock The Door” to fabricate a death threat from here on Long Island (where nobody knows him, of course). My guess is that he’s already running scared from the Employees and the Veteran Patients who are all catching on to his game. Run, Scotty, Run.....!

9) Based on the prompting of a hand full of Veterans, Staff Members from Rep. Lee Zeldin’s Office and Rep. Kathleen Rice’s Office paid a little visit to the VAMC Northport. The main topic was focused on a Research Study that is still in its final stages before getting published. So, there was no headway made there on getting information. These delegations both had documentation of environmental situations at this Facility and were told that everything was under control. They were not permitted to visit the Buildings in question. They were simply asked to drink the Kool Aid, and be on their way. I followed up with phone calls and got the indirect impression that they were not happy with the treatment they received. Again, watch this space...definitely more to come on this! 

Philly "The Fat Man" Mo-shitt-a
Unfortunately, because of our crack management here on Long Island over the past ten years, 180,000 Military Veteran are being placed between their own “rock and a hard place” through no doing of their own. Between the arrogance, the lies, the bullying, the manipulation, the fraud, the unethical behaviors, and, yes, the criminality, over the past ten years, the management of this VA Facility has been allowed to run amok and roughshod over Veterans and Employees alike. The management personnel will all be nicely taken care of by the Federal government. They will get their government “Golden Parachutes”, or they will be comfortably reassigned to another Facility.
Vinnie "Three Fingers" Immitti
Now, the end is in sight, and most of the Veterans and Staff Employees at this Facility don’t have a clue as to what’s going on. They are the ones who will bear the brunt of this gross mismanagement. They are the ones who will be, once again, kicked to the curb, and treated like dogs, at best.
Maybe the Employees have a chance to land on their feet. And, maybe a number of Veterans will weather this storm. But, for most of us Veterans, we are feeling like third-class citizens who our government won’t recognize even exist. We are the ones whose EARNED benefits are being ripped out of our wallets every day by a government who thinks they can pay their rich donors off the backs of dogs like us Veterans.

Watch out Mr. Government...these dogs still have teeth, you just woke them up, and they’re not in a good mood!