Saturday, April 7, 2018

VAMC Northport, NY - Weekly News Dump


I always hear the cry from fellow Veterans, “What can I do? VA owes me! Life owes me. Everyone owes me!”
Well, here is what you can do, my fellow Veterans. 
Go home, mow the lawn, wash the windows, learn to cook, learn how to pay bills, learn how to manage your money, volunteer to help your fellow brothers and sisters, and after you’ve finished all that, go read a book that doesn’t have any pictures.
Life does not owe you a goddamn thing. You owe life something. You owe it your time, energy, and talent so no one will be at War, in sickness, and lonely again. In other words, grow up, stop being a crybaby, get out of your dream world, and develop a backbone instead of a wishbone. 
Start behaving like a responsible person and be an involved member of our society. You are important and you are needed.
It is too late to sit around and wait for someone to do something, some day. 
That some day is NOW, and that someone is YOU.
The only entity that owes you anything is VA. So, stand up and make your voices heard, and not just for yourself. Do it for all of us.

indeed & glassdoor are posting comments under the VA Northport job
listings warning potential applicants to stay the Hell away from this hospital; it’s not worth the money they pay.
glassdoor - Physician (Primary Care, Section Chief)
Veterans Affairs, Veterans Health Administration 3,736 reviews - Northport, NY 
$110,000 - $234,000 a year 
Degree of doctor of medicine or an equivalent degree resulting from a course of education in medicine or osteopathic medicine....
indeed  - Jobs You May Like 
US Department of Veterans AffairsNorthport, NY 
US Department of Veterans AffairsNorthport, NY 
US Department of Veterans AffairsNorthport, NY 
US Department of Veterans AffairsNorthport, NY 
US Department of Veterans AffairsNorthport, NY 
US Department of Veterans AffairsNorthport, NY 
Mar 28, 2018
US Department of Veterans AffairsNorthport, NY 
US Department of Veterans AffairsNorthport, NY 
US Department of Veterans AffairsNorthport, NY 
Comment Section:
          Doesn't Recommend
I worked at US Department of Veterans Affairs full-time (More than a year)
Pay and benefits are the best but it comes at a price
Safety is not a concern. If you try and make positive changes you will have people make things up about you and will be forced out.
Advice to Management
Please take safety concerns seriously and don’t listen to complaints when they are brought up immediately after a staff member makes recommendations for changes that will hold others accountable for doing their jobs.

"Richie" Rich Kittson is back in, and running VI again. How long will he last this time? Is this just a ploy to appease his largeness before they lower the boom? Word is that he is crying the blues. He just doesn’t know why they’re being so mean to him; he didn’t do anything wrong. Maybe the VVA will save his butt!

Chris "Toddles" Goodman is out.
recent email:   “Goodman received a proposed termination and was immediately transferred to the mail room. That’s their favorite place to send employees to die on the vine while waiting to get fired. Toddles plans to fight this action, but we don’t hold out much promise for his reinstatement.  “Toddles” Goodman apparently had a pen-pal at the Albany VA. Our management read a bunch of “Toddles” emails about the toxic and chaotic environment at Northport. There is a rumor that he also used his work computer to zip off a few emails to the local Press.
Bad boy, “Toddles”, bad boy!
recent text message:
Christopher “Toddles” Goodman, the former public affairs officer (PAO) who is also a veteran is now fighting a proposed termination. Yes, after over a year of serving up the poison Northport VA kool aide to the media and the public at large in his capacity as the PAO, Toddles is to be fired by those who required him to lie to the public. What was his crime? He voiced his opinion about the workplace culture at Northport in a VA messaging forum, calling the atmosphere “chaotic” and he made further reference to the “toxic work environment.” Of course all email communication is monitored by Steve the Snake, who removed Toddles from his position, reassigned Toddles to the mail room and proposed terminating Toddles for voicing his opinion. Congratulations Snake, evidently once again you’ve re-written the Constitution, forget about the right to free speech, freedom of association, and privacy. We doubt Toddles’ termination will be sustained in court, and once again the “Steve the Snake” will no doubt involve Northport in another costly litigation which VA will lose. The “Snake” has made legal decisions which have lost the government millions in settlements to VA employees he has unjustly terminated or attempted to remove from their positions. This money would have been better spent on CARE OF VETERANS. Time for the Snake to be terminated!

Veterans Affairs has a huge sexual harassment problem. Northport is at the top of the list - in the last 1 1/2 years, $8 million for our hospital; pending and settled combined.


Where do all those “old” DAV vans go to retire?
VA takes them and uses them for what’s left of their maintenance crews; mostly painting, spackling, and floor tile replacement.

PRRP/PTSD, Bldg. #65 is being totally ignored. 

 - heat since Sunday 3/31: 1) no heat, 2) heat at day - no heat at night by      
Tues. 4/3 there was excessive heat,.
- no cleaning

- erratic garbage removal

- erratic laundry removal

- Staff reduction to cover other departments, Staff quitting or retiring.

- Sunday 4/1, the elevators crapped out and word is that it will be quite 
some time before it gets repaired. This puts the “Americans with  
Disabilities Act” into play.

 - The “Blowhole” in rm. #127 was looked at on Tuesday 4/3 by Louie “The Lip” and Mike “And The Mechanics” Marino. Of course, once again, no one thought to bring a key for the new door lock (ordered know who!...Scotty “Lock The Door”. All the appropriate forms got filled out anyway and the “inspection team” rode off into the sunset like good little minions.

PRRP (the PTSD RESIDENTIAL treatment program) is - HELLO! - an Inpatient 90-day treatment facility on the first floor. The second floor of the building houses no less than five other department offices. This building serves many Veterans and employees with disabilities that necessitate the use of the elevator to reach their appointments and/or jobs. For the foreseeable future, they will just be “shit out of luck”!

OIF/OEF Vets are really pissed at Scotty "Lock The Door" Guermonprez. Scotty has made a tactical withdrawal to regroup for another offensive on the OIF/OEF area in Bldg. #200. We hear he is making Steve “The Snake” create phony eviction notices to intimidate the Staff and Veterans into leaving. One minor structural problem exists. The construction of Bldg. #200 will not support the weight of all the bullet-proof glass Scotty uses for his office safety.

THE SOCIAL WORK DEPARTMENT is still trying to do what they do best by holding open programs for Veterans. These programs include forums on Military Sexual Abuse, Wellness, and Mindfulness seminars. They are constantly frustrated by the lack of turnout for these events. Problem is that the management won’t let them properly advertise throughout the hospital. This problem is not a recent phenomenon; it has been this way for decades. It never ceases to amaze us when we see how management spins all this into a positive report for Regional (VISN2) and Washington (VA Hq.).


A lot has been said and printed about this since the firing of David Shulkin. What is not being said is that major health corporations and hospital systems have had their eyes on the VA Patient list for some time. Post 9/11, VA admitted that it was caught off guard by the influx of Veterans from OIF/OEF. Obviously, nobody deemed it necessary to do some simple math and come up with a reasonable figure for the influx of Veterans subscribing to VA services. VA is one of two Agencies tasked with being on top of this situation; the other being DoD. When the private sector heard VA state their shortfall, they started drooling with envy. So, the idea of privatization is about fourteen or fifteen years old. It will probably happen in one form or another in the next three to five years.



“Dumb-Dumb” Dougie Murdock, former administrative aide to “Chatty" Cathy Cruise is telling everyone who will listen that he is “free at last” of his duplicitous “bi-o-tch” of a supervisor. He is delighted to be out of the Chief of Staff’s office at Northport. He continues to be paid a six figure salary to perform a make work job given to him to get him out of the top management suites. Apparently he was notified that he had been removed from his position for unknown reasons 2 weeks ago by means of a document left on his desk. So much for transparency in government, no explanations or discussion were necessary. Which crony of "Chatty" Cathy’s will replace him?  His replacement is already being recruited. Strange isn’t it how top management at Northport always lines up replacements for administrators who leave or are axed, IMMEDIATELY, but if a Doc or Nurse leaves it takes MONTHS or even a year before they are replace. How does this serve the veteran ? What a minute, who said top management is actually interested in SERVING THE VETERAN? They are NOT!
What We’re Watching:

3)  How's that big new A/C unit going to do? Warm weather is coming.

4)   Still waiting for that Specialty Clinic appointment???

5)  Where did all the money go??

6)   The answer...

8)  When do we get the "Weiner"??

9) we're still watching you!  

10) Joan "Of Arc" & Colleen "The Co-Conspirator"...oddly quiet! Maybe they got "2-PC'd" by Charlene "The Charlatan"!


Monday, March 26, 2018

VAMC Northport, NY - Weekly News Dump

1) The OEF/OIF unit , 4th floor - bldg.. 200, experienced a hostile takeover by Scotty “Lock The Door” Guermonprez for his new executive offices; no mention on where, or if, the OIF/OEF program would be relocated. The VA Central Office (VACO) was contacted with a major complaint; Scotty “Lock The Door” got a phone call; Scotty “Lock The Door” got scared; and Scotty “Lock The Door” backed off.

We have been told his reply to VACO was, “You haven’t heard the last this.”

We have received text messages that indicate it was the Veterans who got wind of this and rebelled.

Here is a sampling of the texts I have received:

          A) “Scotty “Lock The Door” didn’t communicate to us that he was          
                shutting us down.”

          B) A message sent by a Veteran reads; “I am a Veteran. I am not a #. I 
am not a metric. I am not an RVU. I am not a productivity measure. I am not a performance measure. I am not a political pawn. I am not a SAIL report. So, fuck you (chicken-shit) coward colonel fly-boy.”


C) And a third sample reads; “FYI, he may never be allowed to take over OIF/OEF space. Considerable funds were specifically earmarked or it & he would be compelled under a certificate of need demonstrating  why he needs that space, when his suite in building 10 is just fine. It may violate congressional appropriations & it’s both immoral & unethical to break the long established social contract of the service expectation of these Vets & their families.”

Why does this whole maneuver have Steve “The Snake” Snyder written all over it?

2) SAVE THE DATE: April 14, Saturday - Town Hall meeting at VA - U.S. Representative Tom Suozzi 3rd Cong. Distr.) hosting - flyer to follow next week. Watch Scotty “Lock The Door” try to have this meeting in a conference room or the Library to severely limit the number of Veteran participants. After all, his “M.O.” is in his nickname!

3) PTSD Veterans Association (a 501-c-3 nonprofit) is alive and well; and, “Oh Shit Hutch Again” isn’t backing down from the bullying and harassment attempts. Reference last week’s little love letter. Hey, did you see the new job opening on the “Indeed” website for a Ghost Writer??

4) There has  still been no final inspection of Rm. 127, Bldg. #65 - blowhole; because of recent weather, they can’t turn off the steam heat, so they can’t get the “inspection” outcome Louie “The Lip” Errichiello needs to satisfy the real OSHA.

5) Charlene “The Chalatan” Thomesen has posted a Psychiatry opening on the “Indeed” web site for just one doctor. This has all the attributes of a planned attrition, which seems to be endemic at this hospital. Two Psychiatrists quit and only one is replaced; that is if anybody qualified applies for the job. The word on the street is that only applicants who can’t obtain employment anywhere else will be applying for this job; remember, we had a gym teacher as a hospital director. [remember Philly “The Fat Man” Mo-Shit-A?

Link to job listing:

6) Congress is a little closer to appropriating money to knock down Bldg.’s #1 & #2. There are six more on the list: #5, #6, # 7, #11, #12, & #65. This list is from a reliable Congressional source in Washington DC.

7) Sources suggested that the Davinci Surgical Robot purchase was a done deal; apparently, it had not been delivered, and now, having been thoroughly embarrassed, Joan “Of Arc” at Regional has decided to cancel the order all together. Also, our wonderful Olympic style pool is being drained, and word has it that the pool half of the Recreation building will be demolished soon.

8) Shulkin finally admits that “cost” is the #1 reason for not adding suggested, valid illnesses to the Agent Orange list of presumptives.

Another Shulkin fiasco; “Investigation launched into how Shulkin staffer got top VA hospital job”

link =

I know of a retired Air Force Colonel from Staten Island, NY who could hit the ground running when Doctor Davie hits the bricks!

9) The VA Northport is telling potential “Veternas’ Choice” applicants to go to the private sector and use their private medical insurance. VA also telling their MD’s to write prescriptions to be filled on the outside. We heard from one Veteran in Brooklyn, NY that he was just given a full year’s supply of an anti-depressant and an anxiety med from the VA, which he filled in his local CVS drugstore. He paid for them out of pocket. Isn’t it illegal to prescribe such medications for that long without an office visit??

10) No more Tricare. No more Choice. VA hospitals in major crisis. My youngest grandchild can do the math on this one. You can kiss your earned and promised VA medical benefits goodbye. They just don’t figure you are worth the money!

News is out on the evisceration of VA spending from the Federal Budget!

link =



I’m starting to think a Second American Revolution is in order.

11) It has been reported that someone was recently asked by Philly “The Fat Man” Mo-Shit-A; “Do ya miss me, yet?”

12) And, just a heads up,

“You haven’t heard the last of us, either!”