Sunday, December 3, 2017

VAMC Northport - Weekly News Dump

Sunday, December 3, 2017

“Throw ‘em out Thursday”
Just a little VA business before we start...

1) Do you really want to get the new VA ID card they are touting? Good luck, Skippy! “” takes you through the login process and flips you through pages to gleam more information (information they already have on you). Then, at the very end, they kick your ass out and tell you to call their phone number. Again, good luck with that, Skippy. I tried it! I was on hold for 35 minutes to see if they would pick up my call. Nada, nothing, nihil, nyet, no...Hell no. I had to disconnect because it was running the battery on my cell phone down to dangerously low levels.

2) Yes, you can actually make a medical appointment online through MyHealtheVet. Be prepared to spend some time doing it. The pages take over 2 minutes apiece to load, and there are a few of them. The process took a total of 15 minutes. It does beat the Hell out of doing it in person and encountering one of those cheery folks on the phone lines, or at the Clinic Front Desk with even more cheery folks.     

3) And, here’s what your wonderful, caring "Person Centered Care" VA Health Administration is offering all you suffering Veterans. It is the brainchild of, who else...the Planetree pyramid/Ponzi Scheme folks; aka Marge “Large And In Charge” Rogan and Gina “The Loud Mouth” Maurer.

You may know that VA offers health care to eligible Veterans, but did you know VA also offers a whole health approach? This empowers you to take charge of your health and well-being, and live your life to the fullest. The focus of whole health is to improve your quality of life through well-being programs tailored to your needs. While health care options like these are often not covered by private insurance, they are increasingly available through VA.

Five types of services available for Veterans include:

·                  Rehabilitation programs — Veterans sports clinics, games

·                  Recreational therapy — Equestrian therapy, adaptive sports

·                  Exercise and movement — Dance/Zumba, weight loss programs, tai chi, yoga

·                  Personal development — Vet Centers, music therapy, art therapy, poetry and writing classes

·                  Recharging activities — Mindfulness meditation, guided imagery, sleep hygiene, acupuncture

Access these services and more by enrolling in VA health care. Visit

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs | 810 Vermont Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20420

Now, let the games begin!

I am getting a lot more explicit descriptions of what’s going on in and around our little Hospital on the hill.

I will decide.

1) one of many anonymous email submissions:

As you know Northport has medical and surgical residents and students. They spend long hours working with veterans. Some of them live in building 17 and 20 on the grounds. As you also know, they have done a real fuck job with the steam pipes. From July to November (5 months) these students and residents had no hot water. They were bathing in the gym, nursing home, hospital. Basically, any place they could a hot shower. They were afraid to speak out, but leadership knew all along and did nothing until someone asked why all these people were lining up in the gym to shower and complained. Some of these students and residents were heating water in pots just to wash up in the morning. Waking and driving on the grounds in bathrobes and flip flops to find a working shower to bathe. This is a huge story. Big kept secret. Newsday worthy. Sounds unbelievable, but it’s all true.”

Really, VA? Is this how you treat our future Doctors? This is disgraceful!!!

2) Through the grapevine:

Primary Care is once again being decimated. I had heard that all firing notices were on hold until after Christmas and New Year’s. I guess someone just couldn’t keep his knickers up and had to “screw-ge” some folks, anyway. Hi, “Snake”!

3) Mandar “The Magnificent” Tank, Chief/Primary Care, and Sterling “Pewter” Alexander, Asst. Chief/Primary Care were demoted and busted down to buck privates for Christmas “in the wink of the eye”. Word on the street says the movements are a result of a recent EEO lawsuit decision in favor of a female former VA primary care physician against this pair. I wonder how Sterling “Pewter’s” reassignment to Riverhead CBOC will affect his ability to arrive on time for his all important nighttime job at Good Samaritan Hospital. I bet you didn’t realize that all three of Northport’s crack team of Hospitalists” also have their after hours gigs at private hospitals in the area, and they’re frequently seen leaving early from the VA to get to their other jobs…after all, they have less than 10 patients each at the VA so why hang around ?

Can you say:


4) Hussein “The Finger” Foda is now Chief O’Primary Care ... as well as Chief O’Medicine, Chief O’Research, and sole proprietor of the Research Corporation of Long Island (you might want to “goggle” this one). He seems to be in competition with “Chatty” Cathy Cruise to see who can plaster their office door with the most “Chief O’” plaques!

5) Mary “Standing Pat” Hessman, our outstanding Chief Financial Officer, was apparently doing something strange with the “books” and some payroll deductions for Employees. “Chatty” Cathy Cruise and Scotty “Lock The Door” Guermonprez deemed it necessary to get Steve “The Snake” Snyder to transfer “Standing Pat” over to the Logistics Department which is run by “Tiny” Tony Torggler. Word has it that there may have been some sort of harassment problem here, too. Seems like “Standing Pat” hasn’t approved “Tiny” Tony’s requests for funding in quite some time. There’s just a little bad blood between the two, and now they are staring at each other in the same Office.

6) Oh, oh....there’s been an update! Mary “Standing Pat” Hessman just resigned Thursday at 11: 30 AM while under an active investigation and walked out the door! The Boys in The Band were trying to hang something on her, right or wrong, and she beat them to the punch. Well played, “Standing Pat”; well played.

7) And, do I need to say any more? Philly “The Fat Man” Mo-Schitt-A has been seen hanging out with Scotty “Lock The Door” Guermonprez. Looks like “The Fat Man” is trying to teach “Lock The Door” all the ins and outs of running a failing hospital! A virtual match made in Heaven, don’t you think?

8) News Flash....the annual VA Northport Holiday party took place at the Larkfield Manor Friday night. This is all being paid for by the taxpayers (that’s right, us), so why aren’t we all on the guest list? There might be some interesting “Kodak moments” to be had inside at the party and outside at the end of the party. Who’s going home with who; who put a dent in the booze supply; will the Suffolk County Police be lying in wait to cash in on the drunk drivers?

9) I keep receiving copies of letters of complaints lodged with the Office of Special Counsel in Washington, DC. It sounds like they are being disregarded, but you know someone is taking notes. At some point in time, they will amass enough of these complaints to actually have to act on them. I have the feeling that these complaints are making their way to the Joint Commission and Committees of Congress; probably to Senators and Representatives, too.


                             730 M Street, N.W., Suite 201

                             Washington, D.C. 20036-4505

                             (202) 254-3600

Mr. Hutch Dubosque               

10 Woolsey Street

Huntington, NY rredactedII743

Re: OSC File No. MA-17-5555

Dear Mr. Dubosque:

This letter responds to the correspondence you recently submitted to the U.S. Office of Special Counsel (OSC) against management officials at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). In this correspondence, you indicate your concern with the condition of the facility. The Complaints Examining Unit has carefully considered the information you provided. However, based on our evaluation of the facts and law applicable to your circumstances, we have made a determination to close the investigation into this matter.

The Office of Special Counsel is authorized to investigate allegations of prohibited personnel practices and certain activities prohibited by civil service law, rule, or regulation. 5 U.S.C §§ 1214(a)(1)(A). 1216(a) and 2302(b). The provisions of 5 U.S.C. § 2302 establish that our authority to investigate prohibited personnel practices extends only to employees, former employees or applicants for employment to competitive or excepted service positions in Executive Branch departments and agencies of the federal government. The information you provide indicates you are not an employee, former employee or applicant for employment as indicated above. Further, while you contend that there are health violations at the VA Medical Center in North port, New York, this does not constitute a prohibited personnel practice or any other prohibited activity within the Special Counsel's investigative jurisdiction. Accordingly, we are unable to take any action in response to your complaint and have closed our file in this matter

Finally, it appears you are trying to make a disclosure of a substantial and specific danger to public health or safety. The Office of Special Counsel does have the authority to refer allegations of a violation of law. rule or regulation; gross mismanagement; a gross waste of funds; an abuse of authority, or a substantial and specific danger to public health or safety to the head of the agency involved for an investigation and report. If you intend that we review this information to determine if it may be sent to the head of the agency for a report pursuant to 5 U.S.C. § 1213, please visit our website at, and complete Form OSC-12 and return it to our Disclosure Unit, Office of Special Counsel, 1730 M Street, NW\ Suite 300, Washington, DC 20036. or call the OSC Disclosure Unit at 1-800-572-2249.

                    Angela D. Rush 
                    Complaints Examiner 
                    Complaints Examining Unit

10) On a lighter note...

After three years of a “no-show” Chief O’Surgery with Stage-4 Cancer, and three years of an “interim Chief O’Surgery” who finally told them to shove it, the management of our little Hospital on the hill is embarking on a job search for a real, honest-to-goodness Chief O’Surgery. With your reputation in the medical world, good luck with that, boys!

Northport VA Medical Center - Northport, New York

The Northport, NY Veterans Affairs Medical Center is recruiting for a full-time active, operating Board certified Chief O’Surgery. ?The successful candidate will provide and oversee comprehensive...


1) How many DUI’s were handed out Friday night on Larkfield Rd., East Northport, NY?

2) How many sexual harassment charges will result from this year’s Employee Christmas party in East Northport, NY?

3) What did this typically liver pickling party cost the Veterans Health Administration (aka, we the taxpayers)?
4) Was Philly “The Fat Man” seated at Scotty “Lock The Door’s” table?
5) When does the management find some money to buy concrete mix to patch the “blow Hole” in Bldg. #65?

6) Is the Pool ever going to be repaired and reopened?
7) Who else is “on the list” to get the axe next week?
8) When is Philly “The Fat Man” going to pick up his Orange Jumpsuit?
9) Where does the Psychiatry Department go from here?



Monday, November 27, 2017



Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water (Jaws I), the floor falls out from under you. Yes, literally, the floor fell out under the newly awarded “Mind  Body Room In PTSD” on the first floor of Bldg. #65, which serves a total of 8 Residential Inpatients. A steam pipe in the basement blew a gusset and blew a hole up through the concrete floor.

Luckily, no one was in the room taking a nap. Where is Louie “The Lip” when you need him? My guess is that the Planetree Pyramid/Ponzi Scheme folks will opt to commission an artist to paint over the damage. The VA certainly doesn’t have the capability to repair something as catastrophic as a hole in a concrete floor. But, maybe, just maybe, Scotty “Lock The Door” could find that missing $100,000.00 from his estate remodeling job and pay for a concrete patch job. In the meantime, does this mean they have to remove the award plaque from the “Wall O’Awards” in Bldg. #200? It appears that the “Pee-Pee Testing Toilet Room” on Unit #22 (The Flight Deck) is safe for now. Thank you, Marge “Large And In Charge” Rogan and Gina “The Loud Mouth” Maurer.

Northport VAMC Planetree PCC News

VHA has launched a campaign to engage all employees in the Strategic Plan goals. The theme of this campaign is “Honoring Service, Empowering Health”. This campaign will: Provide tools to help employees to understand and implement Strategic Plan goals. Inspire a commitment to provide personalized, proactive, patient-driven health care. Build awareness in the Veteran community and in the general population of VHA’s leadership in health care. Create greater confidence in VHA care and develop positive relationships with Veterans. Support enrollment efforts. For more information on Honoring Service Empowering Health please contact Sara Coddington at extension 7809 or Steve Truncale at extension 7446.

Going for Gold!

In October, Northport VA made quite the splash at the Annual Planetree conference, held in Baltimore MD. The project, “Creation of Drug Testing Bathroom on a Behavioral Health Unit“, placed in the finalist category for Innovation Awards. The initiative to set up a “Mind Body Room in PTSD” was one of only 10 international winning projects. Both projects had to be creative, person centered and easily reproducible by other health care facilities. In addition, Gina Maurer was recognized as the Planetree “valedictorian” of person centered scholars. Marge Rogan presented the conference session entitled, “How to Start and Keep Up the PCC Journey.”

Thanks to PSEG and ARC for All Their Hard Work!

Staff from PSEG and the American Red Cross were so generous with their time and spirit. The groups came in and did some very hard work in the beautiful Vuoto Courtyard in the center of Bldg. #92 (Resident Nursing Home). They even came back in the following days to put together a shed that will hold gardening supplies for our Veterans. It is so important for all residents of our CLCs to have beautiful outdoor spaces. Northport is very lucky to have such wonderful community connections.

New Look in Eligibility-Environmental Makeover #41

The employee team in Eligibility and Central Intake is working hard to improve the Veteran Experience. Studies show that “clutter” can create stress in both staff and patients. So, this group cleaned up and got rid of excess furniture to make way for new flooring, art, streamlined storage areas. They looked at what they really needed in their spaces in order to have the environment aid “in the process”. The results in Eligibility are making way for more of the same improvements in Central Intake.

The Award Wall Grows…

When Northport first became a Planetree affiliate in 2011, we set off on a journey of Patient Centered Care. Every year since then, we have put in submissions for the prestigious Spirit of Planetree awards, recognizing innovative practice in what is now called Person Centered Care. We posted the awards around our Bronze Award, located on the wall across from the Outpatient Pharmacy. This fall, we earned our 8th award in 6 years, and our Director unveiled the latest edition. Of note is that only 10 projects are chosen each year, out of up to 100 submissions. Remember, we’re all “Steak Holders” at our little Hospital on the hill.

Wow, for a mere $9 million a year, we get to enjoy rakes, hoes, murals, nap rooms, less clutter in offices, etc. What a wonderful use of our Veterans’ healthcare dollars. And, how nice, we now have “Person Centered Care” instead of “Patient Centered Care” (didn’t even need to change the initials).

The VA just loves their Vets! Is any of this going to matter when they bulldoze the entire campus/toxic waste dump?

And, I don’t mean to keep “dis-ing” our lovely Bldg. #5 Auditorium, but, come on folks, the building is one of the worst on campus (I wonder if “Jumpy” Joan Scanlon has spent any time in this Building?)

Word on the street:

1) A little bird whispered in my ear that the divorce rate is about to climb at our little Hospital on the hill.

2) Pink Slip moratorium! Well, thank your lucky stars; Steve “The Snake” won’t be handing out Pink Slips until after New Year’s Day. The first week of January 2018, is going to look like a backed-up toilet being plunged and purged. Have a wonderful holiday!

3) It’s the end of the year, and quite a year it has been. The news pipeline gets a little slow this time of year, but you know with the VA anything can happen at any moment. “We The Peeps 1” will be listening and watching! Ho-ho-ho...

4) Upper management is still looking at Employees and Patients medical records without the proper authorization. This particular action, to harass, intimidate, and bully, is cause for immediate termination of the perpetrator. Can you say, “Talk to my Lawyer.”?
He complained that someone accessed
his Medical Records!
Here come da Judge!

5) And, now this....right in back of the Library in Bldg. #12, 1st Floor, IT room #110-A

What we’re watching:

1) Responses on numerous FOIA requests for reports that are public record.

2) Results of complaints filed with the Office of Special Counsel, VA/OIG, OSHA, NIOSH, US Senate, US House of Representatives, The Joint Commission, NY State Department of Health, Suffolk County Health Department.

3) The electrical “blackout” created by plugging our new Davinci Robot into the wrong electrical outlet.

4) On the lookout for more “Person Centered Care” mural paintings. How about doing some in Bldg. #5 to cover the mold?
5) How many Employees are getting sick from the mold when they frequent Bldg. #5 for Seminars, Meetings, & Parties this Holiday Season?
6) Why is Jennifer Rogan referring to Philly “The Fat Man” Mo-Schitt-A as “Uncle Phil”; in public, no less? 

Y’all know that Marge “Large And In Charge” Rogan’s daughter Jennifer Rogan runs the PRRP unit, correct ? She got that sensitive position right out of nursing school, even though she was competing with much more experienced psych nurses ... why do you think Marge “Large And In Charge” got the award for the “Mind Body Room In PTSD”? Apparently, Rich “The Reckless” Thomesen who is infatuated with her was on the search committee for the chief nurse of the PRRP program