Saturday, March 11, 2017


  Veterans March On: America, Announces nationwide march

February 6, 2017
 United States - Nationwide – Veterans March On: America announces nationwide marches to promote awareness of Veteran issues. Veterans, their families, and supporters are being asked and organized to march on Capitols and Cities across the nation, simultaneously, on May 20, 2017 at 10:00 AM PST to show solidarity as we raise our voice for change combating the many challenges our Veterans face daily.  -We will march for Veterans from all branches and of service and all eras of service, who are currently facing many issues with our broken Veteran support system & healthcare.  -We will March to be the voice for our large population of Veteran homeless. We will March carrying the memory of all of our Brothers and Sisters who have been silenced by their war here at home – Suicide.  -We will march and assemble in a peaceful, respectful manner reflective of the character of our military service. This march will NOT be politically partisan, violent, discriminating, or divisive in form.  More information will be forthcoming as dates and locations become available.
 About Veterans March On: America  We are Veterans, Families, and supporters of Veterans. We wish to bring awareness and affect change to a broken Veteran support system. We are marching to raise awareness, but this is only the beginning. We will continue this march for as long as it takes to achieve a positive outcome and improve the lives of Veterans and their families. We will do this through raising awareness, and continue the fight by bringing these issues to the forefront of society and to the attention of State and Federal Legislators across America. We will do this in Capitols and in Cities and towns all across America. We are America’s Veterans. We fought for America and our families bore that burden with us, and did so with pride, Dignity, and honor, and now we are asking for America to help us fight the battles we face at home.

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Contact To learn more, please contact: Richard Hanner, Media Relations (361) 816-4169

Thursday, March 9, 2017


This just in:
The Veterans Administration Medical Center in Northport, NY has a new administration that has been tasked with deconstructing the existing health structure to that of - 1) CBOC, a community based outpatient clinic 2) Nursing Home w/ possible Assisted Living 3) Mental Health Clinic. The word on the street has been that this would take about five more years to enact and bring online. It is no secret that a local, very large, private sector health system has had their eyes on the patient list at the VAMC Northport for the last 6-8 years.
The VAMC Northport still remains a toxic waste dump, and that may render the entire facility condemned and shuttered within that five year time frame.
Just remember.....If you like your VA, you can keep your VA!