Monday, December 2, 2013

The Dumbing of America….

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                                                        Remember this face.
You will soon learn to 
appreciate that this is 
a face only a mother 
could love.

The “Center for Media & Democracy” (CMD) has taken up the cause of exposing the wonderful folks who are bringing us to the end of Public Education. I recall the days when “Charter Schools” were all the rage, and listening to the call that this was going to be the saving grace for our Nation’s education system. Well, looks like they are finally getting their cake and eating it, too. The CMD has launched a project called “”. They’ve come up with an initial accounting of twelve corporations that have made serious inroads on the take-over of our Public Schools. It is not lost that, coincidently, our State and Federal prison system is being taken over in a similar fashion. (More on the Prison System later.)
As the caption, above, reads, this fellow runs a little “consulting” firm called K12, Inc. No, the company has nothing to do with mountains in Nepal. They have everything to do with little Johnny’s kindergarten through twelfth grade education. The corporate classroom is where our children and grandchildren are headed to be educated exactly how the owners of this Country see fit. Only one small glitch so far. They haven’t been experiencing much success. With only ¼ of their schools making the grade [1], they are struggling to meet even the least strenuous State criteria. What they do extremely well is get paid. The gentleman pictured above took in a cool $19 million for 2013 (according to their 10-k report). The same report boasts of $848.2 million in gross income for 2013 with $730.8 million coming from their “managed public schools”. [1] You may ask, “Where the Hell do they get this kind of money?” The answer isn’t going to surprise you, but it sure as Hell better concern you. This money comes from diverted educational funds allocated by the U.S. Congress. Yup! Your tax dollars are funding this supposedly capitalistic venture in educating our youth.

According to a release by the Center for Media and Democracy, there are twelve major players, so far, making “phatt” money off the spoils of Federal taxation. When was the last time you ran
into a teacher who was making $19 million, and whose company investors were the likes of Mike Milken and Wall St. investment firms? [1] ………………………I didn’t think so!

The only advice I can render is, “Hold on to your wallets. They’re coming for every last penny they think they can bleed from you.” I do sincerely hope that the citizens of this Nation wake up and react to the corporate take-over of virtually every institution we hold near and dear.

[1]                                                                                          CMD Exposes America’s “Highest Paid Government Workers”
CONTACT: Friday Thorn,
- Hint: They aren’t your local teachers, nurses and social workers
- New initiative will expose the CEOs who take over public services
and divert millions of tax dollars out of communities and into their pockets.

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