Saturday, November 16, 2013

Town of Huntington, NY...........Part V

I was going to rant and rave about Town Hall, again, until I ran across an article in the Village Tattler, by Jeffrey Thompson. I will post a few excerpts from the article and provide a link to the complete article. Mr. Thompson has captured the sentiments that the Town citizens might want to follow. This is all about our tax dollars, aka your money, which is being stolen right out from under us by a corrupt administration in Town Hall. It took me a while to find what I was looking for, and another while to get through it all. What I did find is that our money is going places you wouldn’t imagine in a million years. What follows is a listing of some of the “low-lights” our Town government has given us just in the week since the “head of beast” was re-elected.
Just two days after this year’s election, the Town Council met to vote on next year’s Budget. Heaven forbid the meeting should be well attended! Come on, folks, there should be standing room only at these meetings, and, until there is, our Town government will exercise free reign on spending our money.

From the Budget (short form):
11/8/2013 - Board Approves Petrone’s 2014 Budget Proposal
“The Huntington Town Board has approved Supervisor Frank P. Petrone’s 2014 Operating Budget, a $185.2 spending plan.... By the same vote, the Board approved the $8.8 million Capital Budget”
Two very separate numbers that bring into play the exempting of borrowing in the Capital Budget. This was stated in proposition #5 as being solely for the Sewer District. Don’t bet that you were told the entire story on that one.
“Planned initiatives for 2014 and beyond include: the completion of Coral Park, the reconstruction of the Gerard Street Parking Lot, a new bulkhead at the Halesite Town dock, the construction of a new rowing facility, funding for technology initiatives and for protection of our environment.”
This all comes under the “Capital Expenditures” category, which is separate from the main Budget. I didn’t know that everyone in the Town of Huntington was into rowing. The Gerard St. parking Lot make-over is going to yield perhaps four (4) more parking spaces. Technology initiatives and protecting our environment are gray areas where the spending can be easily hidden from the Public’s view, hence an increased possibility of misuse. I dare anyone to try to find out just who is going to be doing all this “construction”. There exists a past history of “crony-ism” that will probably ensure that, for these projects, the correct construction company gets the job.
“…authorized sending a letter to the Zoning Board of Appeals supporting the Huntington YMCA’s plan for a new building and the construction of new parking facilities on Town land.”
Remember the ballot proposal #7 on the back side of our paper ballots? No? I didn’t think you did. For those of us who did take a peek at the back side of our ballots, the ink wasn’t even dry before the special “eminent domain” kicked in for another expansion of the YMCA (on land the Town owns, or has the developmental rights to).
Here’s another example of the Petrone administration wasting no time exercising that #7 ballot proposal to deed land that the Town owns, or has the development rights to, over to private business instead of the stated public services option.
“The Huntington Station-related resolutions set December 10 public hearings on zoning measures related to two Huntington Station revitalization projects: the Columbia Terrace housing development at Railroad Street and Lowndes Avenue and the possibility of a hotel across the street, as supported by the community in the recently adopted Huntington Station development strategy. If adopted, the resolutions would change the zoning to a more appropriate category for the envisioned 14-unit Columbia Terrace proposal and adjust the zoning on the property that is now a municipal parking lot to allow for construction of a hotel. Sitting as the board of the Community Development Agency, the Board also approved hiring Jeffrey A. Hartman, P.C., for design and engineering services for the Columbia Terrace development.
And, the lack of transparency never ceases to amaze.
“…set a public hearing for 9 a.m. December 6 on a proposed local law that will grant one-time property tax relief for homes damaged by Super Storm Sandy.”
December 6th is a Friday. And, who in their right mind set a 9 AM as a time for a homeowner to grieve on relief of anything? Come on, folks, are they treating this as a joke?
I find it unfortunate that folks in Huntington didn’t have the foresight to check into this before the elections last week. Perhaps, next year (2014) we can get the word out with sufficient lead time to educate the population of Huntington, our “All-American Town”.
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