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Letter to Editor

Letter to Editor                                                                                 sent: 5/11/2012

NY Times


ref.:       Easy Useless Economics

                by Paul Krugman


subject:                                kudos to Mr. Krugman


   This is the first article I have read in a long time that states, directly, the simple reasons why our economy is in the tank, and is likely to stay that way, if the folks involved keep sitting on their hands. Mr. Krugman is willing to say what no one else dares to: “So now we’re in another depression, not as bad as the last one, but bad enough.” He also comes right out and points to the main element that brought us back from the “Great Depression”- a World War. Moreover, those, for the “nay-sayers”, involved massive amounts of taxpayer money to kick start our Economy, albeit a War Economy.

   Due to our modern day depressed Economy, and our collective distaste for another War, the previous option is not realistically feasible. The one avenue that seems to make a great deal of sense, right now, is a massive Government investment towards our National infrastructure. If we are to “throw” money at the problem, let’s toss it in the right direction, and get our money’s worth. Mr. Krugman, please keep this train of thought in the public‘s face until government action is taken.


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Short Bio: Hutch Dubosque is a retired

Manufacturing Engineer who currently

writes on Socio-Political issues

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