Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I have paid attention to the state of Israel for over forty years, and not once have I ever questioned their philosophy and, by and large, their right to exist as a Nation State. That is until now. The last ten years have led me look at Israel in a much more critical way. When it comes to handling their issues with the Palestinians, the Israelis have taken a position and fostered a policy that looks to be a mirror image of the positions and policies of those they choose to call terrorists. I think I can say with some certainty that the People of Israel do not want to conduct a massive military campaign to obliterate the Palestinians. I am equal certain that the People of Palestine do not care to return the favor.

Both sides of this issue have been guilty of mismanagement in their dealings with each other. There has been a long history of combativeness between the two practically since the inception of an Israeli State in 1949. It cannot go overlooked that most of the Arab States in the Middle East have voiced their wish for the destruction of Israel, at one point or another. The last ten years have brought the Middle East to a boiling point that I assure you renders the leadership in Iran absolutely ecstatic. During this period, it has been very hard for the World’s Super Powers to disengage from the old Cold War mentality of mutually assured destruction. As Russia, China, and The United States flex their diplomatic and military muscles in this region, there will be a tipping point where nothing short of a total disaster will occur.

I have my theories on what Iran is up to in this whole scenario. My primary theory involves the once popular “domino theory”. It sets up like this:

                #1 – Iran coddles Al-Qaeda allowing them to have full training facilities that they, Iran,
                         partially underwrite;

                #2-   Iran sets up a puppet government in Iraq (they’ve been after Iraq for centuries);

                #3 – Iran takes advantage of the “Arab Spring” to destabilize Syria and foment civil war

                #4 –  To keep the Israelis occupied, Iran boosts the Palestinian’s military arsenal;

                #5 –  Iran shakes things up in Lebanon to agitate political instability there;

                #6 –  Iran does not have to worry about Afghanistan right now, because the United States
                         is currently involved in the destabilization of the Government and Military in that   

                #7 – The whole thing comes crashing down on Israel shortly after the United States leaves                          Afghanistan and Pakistan (which it will do by 2014);

                #8 – The United States not longer has a lust for fighting and dying in deserts andmountains 
                         of the Middle East, and is slow to come to the aid of Israel;

                #9 – Israel is summarily pushed into the Mediterranean Sea

The big #10 happens when Iran declares a Supreme Islamic Nation with the collapse of Kuwait, Jordan, the UAE, Yemen, Qatar, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.  From the border of India to the Mediterranean Sea, the new Islamic Order would have a commanding grasp of all but Saudi Arabia. With the United States still weak in knees, in come the Russians and the Chinese to add their unique way of doing things to the mix. Saudi Arabia does not stand a chance, and finally caves in, or is overrun, and becomes part of the fold.

 Scary times we live in; very scary, indeed.

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