Friday, August 3, 2012

The Supreme State Of Islam

   Mr. Fareed Zakaria (CNN Segment Host) recently posed the question whether Syria may be the next Lebanon. Aside from the Secular and Religious aspects of many conflicts in the Middle East, I think Syria may be part of a much bigger picture than anyone has wanted to take a look at. A while back, I took a hard look at the Map of that Region, and something just jumped off the page at me. If you were to draw the proverbial “line in the sand”, and you started that line in Iran, you would run smack dab through the middle of Iraq; smack dab through the middle of Syria; and, voila, there you would be on the Israeli border. The acquisition of Lebanon would be of some strategic benefit, but not entirely necessary.
   I have felt, ever since our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, that the above scenario is one of the probable end games being quietly played out. The United States has a history of joining in armed conflicts with no clear vision of what victory would look like. We have been present militarily in this region for over ten years, and it seems, at every turn, there is more chaos than when we started. I am certain that the “powers that be” didn’t intend to create such mayhem, but I feel that somehow the S’Hia sect, or tribe as I’ve called them in the past, seized upon the opportunity given them to expand there influence and Religious zeal. As of this date, I can not say they are failing in their attempt to create a “Super Islamic State”, and summarily dispatch the State of Israel.

   Not a pretty picture, this. I don’t have a good feeling about the outcome of such an expansionistic move on the part of Iran; especially with their apparent march toward nuclear weaponry. Take a moment to look at the picture as it is right now. Pakistan is teetering. Afghanistan is in turmoil. Iraq is a total mess. And, now, Syria is being laid to shambles. Iran is just sitting back, fat, dumb, and happy, waiting to solidify a Supreme State of Islam under total Sharia Law. There is a myriad of scenarios after such a State is formed, and none of them should look good for the Americas, all of Europe, Russia, India, and Northeastern Africa. I get a sick feeling in my gut that indicates there is really no way anyone can stem the tide. The rest of the World is going to have to find a way to coexist with an outcome such as this, or similar.

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