Friday, August 17, 2012

The New York Times at its best

   Congratulations are in order for The New York Times. In recent weeks I have called the Paper out on their lack of acknowledgement regarding the Wars we are fighting abroad and the Men and Women involved. The “Review” section of last weeks Sunday Edition, Aug. 12th, had an in-depth story about returning Servicemen and their quest for Medical Care, help with their Families, and adjustment back into Civilian life.
   To be honest and transparent, I don’t subscribe to the weekday Editions on The New York Times, so I cannot offer commentary for four days of the week (I do get the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Editions).
   Today, Friday, Aug. 17th, Iraq made the Front Page Index, Page A-6, and Afghanistan / Pakistan made Page A-10. Most reporting  of the News pales in comparison to reporting on our Service Men  and Women who are engaged in armed conflicts around the World. This is especially true when it comes to the incredible amount of mudslinging in this, a General Election Year. There are only two issues concerning the United States this year, and they are of equal weight. One is the Economy; the other is the constant deployment of Troops overseas. I will continue to rely on The New York Times for pertinent and current News in both the aforementioned categories.


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