Sunday, July 22, 2012

Today's fireside chat


ARTICLE 1 - The Constitution will be replaced with a modern
                            version of the Letters of Confederation.
ARTICLE 2 - The Nation will return to its tribal roots and have
                            no Federal Government, as we know it today.
ARTICLE 3 - The Country will break up into Local and Regional
                            tribes, with the necessary alliances for trade and
ARTICLE 4 - The tribal heads will be elders of some wisdom
                            and reason.
ARTICLE 5 - Their “terms” will last for eight years, then a new
                            set of tribal leaders will take “office”. Each tribe
                            will determine in their own way just who will lead

ARTICLE 6 - There will be no “lawyers”.

ARTICLE 7 - The tribal leaders will hold court on any dispute
                            between tribal members.

ARTICLE 8 - There will be no “bankers”

ARTICLE 9 - There will be no Banks, as the system will rely
                            totally on bartering for its existence.

ARTICLE 10 - There will be no “stock brokers”

ARTICLE 11 - There will be no Corporations. There will be no
                              “stock” to be bought and sold.

ARTICLE 12 - The only “industry” will be that which stems
                              from, and is necessary to, the agrarian culture we
                              will embrace. That industry will be communal in

ARTICLE 13 - There won’t be any other form of organized
                              manipulation of the People and the goods and
                              services they provide.

ARTICLE 14 - No taxes are to be collected.

ARTICLE 15 - The Border Tribes will have the task of securing
                              our borders. All tribes will contribute to that
                              effort, as best and as much as they are able.
                              Separate, but equal, Militia will constitute our
                              common defense.

ARTICLE 16 – Every household and/or place of residence will 
                               maintain sufficient means of self protection.

ARTICLE 17 – All Tribal Units will provide for their own   medical system; to include personal hygiene,               
                               dental, pregnancy, abortion, immunization, and any other service deemed necessary by the
                               Tribal Elders.

ARTICLE 18 – All Treaties, with exception of current treaties with Native America. will be considered null and     

ARTICLE 20 – We will have no expansionist Armed Force. We will no longer police the World. We will continue    
                                on this path until we pull our knickers up.

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