Saturday, July 28, 2012

Open letter to any Family

Open letter to any Family….with stress on the word “Family”

[Disclaimer: any attempt at, or appearance of, satire or humor heretofore will be solely for the  benefit of the author herein,
and is not intended as commentary on the content of this missile. Any, and all, run on sentences and erroneous punctuation are to be considered under the “poetic license” provisions.]

All of us have grown into very distinguishable personalities throughout the years. I feel it is imperative that we all come to grips with reality, and recognize each other’s strengths and weaknesses……we seem to have a fairly good share of each. With these individual qualities in mind, it may be a good thing to think about how these individual traits can be successfully co-joined in a true, honest, loving, and nurturing family dynamic. Each to another, we are a family and, if all else be lost, we have only each other. Therefore, can we all agree to come together and recognize who we have become, our fears and hopes, and how we feel about each other.

Perhaps one way to start this discourse would to put down on paper our own sense of self [pluses & minuses] without regard for any other family member. We could then share these papers with the rest of the class, and open a meaningful discourse that leads us to a more empathetic, compassionate understanding of one another.

Our ship has taken in some water on our journey. Let’s try to dry out the bilge, and get back on course. I will gladly offer my self-examination first as a test run. I will not do this until we have all discussed this proposition in, at least, general terms.

I don’t feel I am over-stepping any boundaries, or, stepping on any ones’ toes. I am trying to bring a little more peace and happiness to each of us as we grow older [and, perhaps, wiser??].

Plus or minus, up or down, in or out, please let me know if this is something we could do for ourselves.

In loving outreach,


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