Friday, July 27, 2012

Must see to apprec.

The New York Times – Friday, July 27, 2012

Front Page:

1)   “A Storm Study Ties Warming To Ozone Loss”

            Strong thunderstorms pump water into the upper atmosphere

            causing a depletion of the Ozone layer.

2)   “China Casts Ex-Leaders Wife in a Familiar Role”

            Wife of Politburo ex-member charged with poisoning a British


3)   “Once a Rebel, McCain Now Walks the Party Line”

            Senator John McCain is no longer going rogue; he is toeing the

            Party line these days.

4)   “Cocaine’s Flow Is Unchecked In Venezuela”

            Claims of success in the drug war may be exaggerated.


            A sharp drop in aid to those giving care to illegal migrants is a

            result of the new Health Law”

6)   “Next Act for Superstar: Conquering New York”

            Fans are expecting great things from a Seattle player recently

            traded to the Yankees.


Page A6: 3 articles – one on Syria, one on Afghanistan, one on Iraq

Page A8: one article on cyber attacks targeting the U.S.

Page A11: one article about the drought in the Midwest

Page A15: one article about cuts in funding for Head Start Programs

Page A16: one article about States manipulating the Federal Education System

Page A19: one article about a tentative deal to end the strike at Con Edison,

                    one article about an Army Private’s revelations just prior to

                    committing suicide.

Would someone please tell me where our priorities lay? We’re fighting two wars, still. Our computer networks are constantly under attack. There is a major drought occurring in a large section of our Nation. Head Start, a time tested winner, is in jeopardy. We continue to allow our Education System to be manipulated, and decimated. Our Armed Forces can’t seem to find a solution to the huge numbers of suicides of our active Servicemen/women. And, did anybody realize that one of New York’s largest consumer power suppliers was on strike?

Well, my shorts are in a knot and I am vomiting all over my Friday newspaper.

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