Thursday, July 26, 2012

Any Questions ?

Below are just a few questions and thoughts on the last two week’s occurrences.

*      Can anybody remind me of why the Hell civilians need to own and/or carry Military style weapons of any type? I carried a Military weapon for one year, and I don’t have any desire to carry one again, ever. There is absolutely no rational for owning such weapons.

*      Is there no decency in Journalism anymore? If I lost a relative in a “news worthy” event, and someone shoved a camera and microphone in my face, I would dispatch said “news” folk to the next zip code without hesitation.

*      Why don’t I know where any of this year’s political hopefuls stand on any of the issues that actually matter to this Country? Sure, a good indication of future behavior can be found in current behavior, but I just end up getting my shorts in a knot when I hear the words Bain Capital and Birth Certificate, ad nauseum.

*      Why does my Cable TV supplier choose to ignore FCC regulations that make it against the Law to air Commercials at a significant higher volume than your own personal setting? They were good about it when the regulation went into effect, but now, three years later, they have slipped back to their old ways. I do believe the Cable suppliers offer the higher volume to advertisers, as an option in their marketing contract.

*      How do our returning Veterans feel about a Country and the Press putting their Wars on the back burner, while we all piss and moan over very trivial stuff, in comparison? Well, this one I can answer. They are starting to feel a lot like the Viet Nam Veterans did when they came home: forgotten, neglected, unappreciated, unwanted, disposable, depressed, and suicidal.

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