Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Note: to all the cry babies and whiners out there, and the folks that are riding their donkeys facing backwards

Stop bitching and moaning about what Mittens Romney pays in taxes each year. He’s not paying too little, we’re paying too much! Instead of raising taxes on the “rich”, why don’t we lower taxes on the “not so rich”? Let Mittens pay his 14%, and let the rest of us pay 8-10%. Since corporations are people, too, let them pay 12-14%. Shrink the size and reach of the Federal Government, and lower taxes are quickly a reality. All the ideas are already out there. We need someone who knows how to navigate a Chinese Menu to pick the ideas that will get us to a sustainable level regarding our National shopping spree.

Don’t go saying; “Aw, that will never work.” What we’re doing right now doesn’t work. We’ve got very little to lose, and whole lot to gain.

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