Saturday, January 7, 2012

If you don’t have anything nice to say, drag out the politicians.

I guess there is absolutely nothing else happening in the World than the U.S. political plague that we like to call “The Primaries”. This axiom is valid if you simply tune to any “news” outlet on your television, or other e-device. These bastions of worldly intelligence and communicative skills are expecting me to believe that the conflicts in the Middle East have called a time-out? They want me to believe that the financial crisis in Europe is on hold until after the New Hampshire primary. They want all of us to believe that the line-up of candidates for the Carolina primary is more important than folks across this Nation who are sinking into poverty by the tens of thousands.
There is an occasional acknowledgement that this primary voting thing is just a tad too long. I hear very little about the transparency of funding that we, the people, were supposed to experience by now. I do hear a lot about PACs, Super-PACs, and New Improved Super PACs, but I still don’t hear where they get their money. I did the math, and am just wondering what we the people could do with some, or all, of that cash. Me thinks, perhaps, we could climb out of this economic depression we are  involved with. Did I hear someone say “trickle down”?

Note to the media: “Quit it out!”

The people of this Nation don’t really care to hear twenty-three hours of in- depth analysis, only to have that same analysis blown out of the water one hour later by the same people who just analyzed it  This part of our Electoral procedure does seem to be entirely fed, and burped, by our fantastic, omniscient network and cable news organisms. If the “main stream” media would stick to what they usually do best, reporting the news, then none of us would have to endure the vomit inducing assault on our valuable time, and our intelligence.

Next note to the media: “Get a life!”

I am a staunch proponent of our system of governance, when it is practiced correctly. The length, the cost, the useless side-shows, and the inevitable outcome are the elements that actually turn folks off to the democratic process. These are the factors that keep voters from the polls on Election Day. These are the modern day “institutions” that are shoved down our throats for eighteen months every four years.

This is why no man, woman, in their right mind will run for national office. They know they will have wade through a metric ton of horse manure just to get to the starting line. Once at the starting line, they will introduce their family to more than a “pat down” by the TSA.

This is what we get when politics and money collide. Money always wins, and democracy gets flushed down the toilet. I guess, in a perverted way, we all brought this upon ourselves by voting for folks who were ready, willing, and able to stick a knife in our backs once they reached D.C.

Maybe its time to stop being complacent. Maybe its time to stop pleading ignorance. Maybe its time to get our heads out of the sand. Maybe, just maybe, its time to tune in, not drop out, and go to the polls this November with some knowledge and some resolve that casting a vote can make a difference.

No more notes to media:

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