Monday, December 5, 2011

Petition writing - 101

Draft a generic letter/petition to be presented to a specific, local office seeker stating that he/she will secure votes only by demonstrating that he/she can campaign and serve without the backing of business/corporate money; PAC money; or, Special Interest money.

By demonstrating this to a “group” (block) of like-minded voters, he/she will get the grassroots, boots-on-the-ground, door-to-door campaign support he/she would need to win. This may take the form of demanding a maximum dollar amount be arrived at as a cap. It will definitely take the form of a very firm, demonstrative local voice.

This proposal is definitely “local” in nature. It will be designed, planned, and executed on that basis, because small steps such as this are what WE can get done and have the best chance for success.

There are State legislative openings next Fall (2012), and a few dedicated campaigners in the right spots can get things moving in the right direction without the need of “big” cash.

We all have computers, e-mail, printers, and two feet that need some exercising. If group “B” sees group “A” getting motivated, group “B” is more likely to fully engage. From there it’s a matter of the domino effect, and needs only to be kept on target through the election cycle. Keeping things “simple” seems produce desired results fairly efficiently.

 letter / petition:

 Dear  (Candidate)

We, the undersigned, will promise to vigorously campaign for you in your candidacy for (Specific Position). We will do this at no charge to you, or any of your representatives, and/or Political Action Committees.

We will ask from you, in return, that you will run a campaign devoid of any Corporate donations; devoid of any general fund, or Political Action Group/Committee donations; absolutely devoid of any Special Interest group donations that you may have traditionally relied on for funding. We will garner the strength of your constituency in raising enough monetary funding to get the job done.

We will definitely set a cap as to just how much we will commit to raise, and, thereby, also set a cap that we would expect you to limit your spending to. It is our contention that, if enough of your constituents contribute time, transportation, desktop publishing, campaign literature distribution, and cash, you will be sufficiently represented in your campaign for (Specific Position).

We hope that in agreeing to run such a campaign, you can prove that a true “grass roots” organization can get you elected to the office you seek. This is an attempt/proposal that will lead to getting the big money out of campaigning for public office. It will show that, if you can do it, then it is possible for anyone else to follow in your footsteps. We will get your constituency to sign on. Can we get a similar commitment from you?

We would very much like to hear your thoughts on this avenue of approach. Please get back to us via which ever means is convenient for you.

Thanking you in advance & looking forward to opening this discussion,

This is the message we want to send to your opponent:

Get the money out of politics and keep it out….or you’ll be out!