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“McDonald's to build world's first fast food superconducting super collider”

10/17/2011 8:05 PM Matt Rock - McDonald's Corporation filed the last of their paperwork this morning to build the world's first superconducting super collider aimed specifically at developing new fast food products. The burger giant claims their lobbying efforts allowed them to surpass numerous laws from the FDA, EPA, SEC, and various other 3-letter acronym agencies, and believes their experiments with the device will “lead to promising new methods of getting uncomfortably pudgy.”

“There are only so many ways you can cook bacon in a traditional sense,” explained McDonald's CEO James Skinner. “We've put bacon in every sandwich and soft drink we've ever sold, but eventually, it all got pretty old, and it didn't help that all of our competitors started using bacon. Our R&D people suggested we simply double our bacon output, but after careful research, we realized there were better ways of getting that sweet, sweet pig meat into every product we sell.”

The company plans to use the super collider to smash bacon particles into beef particles at the sub-atomic level, tripling the cholesterol and quadrupling the deliciousness. If their experiments prove successful, McDonald's will be the first fast food chain to use rare scientific equipment for the purpose of making food less healthy, since top-tier rival Wendy's first started using yellow cake uranium as a key ingredient in their Frosty desserts, knowing that most people dip their french fries in them to create a natural-occurring potassium iodide compound, which allows for the safe digestion of their terrible, toxic food.

This is not, however, the first foray into the world of science for McDonald's. In 2007, they attempted to clone an Arizona employee named Carlos when they realized he was willing to work for less than minimum wage, though the strange two-headed monster that emerged from the lab was “better suited for mincing,” according to lab documents, and was later used in 2010 when the company temporarily brought back their popular cult-classic McRib sandwich at the national level for a few weeks.

Several GOP candidates have praised McDonald's efforts since their announcement earlier today. “This really goes to show – courtesy flush! – just how innovative American corporations are,” said Mitt Romney, speaking through a bathroom stall door in a highway rest stop somewhere in North Carolina. “Companies like McDonald's are really paving the way toward a better and brighter tomorrow. And maybe if I ate there instead of Taco Bell, I wouldn't have been stuck in the john for the past hour. Hey bub, can you pass the TP? No, the toilet paper, not the Tea Party! Yeesh!”

Occupy the Treasury!

If you read nothing else, please read and think about the hi-lighted paragraphs. This article defines the actual root problem that was the one major contributor to our current financial situation. By reading the entire article, you can educate yourself as to where our money (our tax dollars) are going, and what effect this has on our economy.

Occupy the Treasury!
October 23, 2011 by Nikki Alexander
With all the hysteria about government debt and deficit spending, ostensible pretexts for annihilating the public, why is no one scrutinizing the source of the problem ~ the monetary system?
Our economy has been running on credit/debt since 1913 when Congress outsourced its sovereign authority to create the nation’s money and gave that privilege away to a cartel of private banking corporations ~ the Federal Reserve System. After 1913, our so-called ‘money’ supply could only be created by banks generating credit as loans. Credit is not money. Credit is debt. Our so-called ‘money’ (Federal Reserve notes) is actually bank credit or debt. We have no United States money.
Think this through … The private individuals who control the credit supply, control the economy. They can arbitrarily expand credit exponentially, e.g. the housing bubble and $600 trillion derivatives casino, and they can also withhold the credit supply – at will – and contract the economy, e.g. the current so-called recession or ”credit crisis.” Federal Reserve chairman, Ben Bernanke, admitted that the Federal Reserve caused the Great Depression by contracting credit. The same thing is happening again today. This is why hospitals and schools are closing, businesses are collapsing, the job sector is shrinking, and municipalities have insufficient revenue … why every part of the economy is contracting. The domino effect of contraction increases as people have less to spend and can’t support local business that in turn must lay off workers. Unemployed workers have no income to pay taxes. Decreased tax revenue starves federal, state and local governments, which in turn lay off more workers and cut spending. Spending cuts and layoffs further contract the economy. Is our economy being destroyed on purpose or are these people really stupid?
Why is no one publicly questioning the power banks have to contract the economy with their monopoly control over credit? Why don’t we use sovereign money instead that is issued by the federal government, per US Constitution Article 1, Section 8? We wouldn’t have a national debt because the government wouldn’t have to borrow. We wouldn’t be at the mercy of banks that withhold credit and contract the economy because our government would inject liquidity directly into the economy. This basic truth is so obvious, there must be an unspoken reason why governments everywhere continue to borrow credit instead of originating the national money supply without incurring public debt.
Who benefits?
Communist China and bankrupt Japan collect interest on the US debt and perhaps a handful of American citizens that invest in T-bills. But they are all latecomers and very nervous about the decreasing value of their investment.
Who else benefits? Large corporations and ultra wealthy individuals officially pay 35% in taxes, but in loophole reality WAY less, compared to 50% and 91% respectively, in 1960. Today, the federal government borrows from these two extremely affluent groups instead of taxing excessive wealth and the public pays them interest ~ an arrangement that fosters income inequality and concentration of wealth.
Who else benefits? The military siphons off 58% of the federal discretionary budget. Pentagon contractors, DHS and the “security” industry have sucked up $7.5 trillion since 9/11. The corporate war and “security” industries are financed with borrowed credit that goes on the taxpayer tab for future generations. If Terrorism Inc had to be financed through immediate taxation do you think Americans would refuse to pay $6 trillion for illegal wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Libya and $7.5 trillion for so-called “offensive security”? The cost of this antisocial spending is so excessive it would consume the entire annual income of most middle class workers. Rebellion would surely derail the corporate war and “security” gravy train.
Here are some other big beneficiaries of government debt … Wall Street financial institutions, transnational investment banks and members of the Federal Reserve System who derive billions of dollars in interest payments provided by American taxpayers. Where did sixteen trillion dollars in taxpayer loans come from to bail out corporations and domestic and foreign banks that crashed the global economy with their mortgage derivatives casino? That credit was generated by the Federal Reserve whose member banks created the crisis. Their liabilities were transferred to taxpayers and bailout funds were used to increase their monopolies. The US Treasury is their ATM and we, the taxpayers, supply the cash.
The so-called “sovereign debt crisis” that is being used in Europe as a pretext for “austerity” is classic IMF structural adjustment and has its counterpart in the US, masquerading as government deficit reduction. The predatory doctrine known as neoliberalism follows a predictable blueprint: deregulate to clear a path for criminals, drive a nation into debt, confiscate public assets as collateral on the debt, privatize the public sector, loot the treasury, slash wages, destroy unions, steal pensions, cut social spending, raise taxes on workers, and cut taxes on the wealthy. Sound familiar? Transnational predators operating through the World Bank and IMF have successfully used this blueprint to cripple one nation after another in Asia and Latin America since WWII. They moved on to ex-Soviet satellites in the nineties and are now attacking western democracies.
The global Occupy Movement has a stunning opportunity to defeat this pathological agenda by restoring sovereign monetary systems worldwide.
In the United States, Congressman Dennis Kucinich has introduced a bill that could be replicated in other countries – HR 2990 The National Emergency Employment Defense Act of 2011. The NEED Act restores the constitutional prerogative of the federal government to create the national money supply – without incurring debt – and ends ‘fractional reserve’ lending, the accounting device that banks use to arbitrarily create credit with a computer keystroke. Henceforth, ONLY the US Treasury’s Monetary Authority would have the legal authority to create US money. Banks would only be able to lend US money they actually have on deposit or borrow from the Monetary Authority. Implementation of The NEED Act would pay off federal debt with US Money as it comes due until it is permanently retired.
Money would initially enter circulation by federal spending to promote the general welfare, for example on public infrastructure ($2.2 trillion needed, creating 7 million jobs); underwriting the public education system from kindergarten through college; stabilizing social security and state pensions; funding federal mandates; making grants and interest-free loans to states for public infrastructure, education, health care and rehabilitation. In addition, the Monetary Authority would give 25% of money created to the states, and a tax-free dividend to all US citizens to inject liquidity into the economy. All without incurring one penny of debt.
Passing this legislation would give the PUBLIC control over creating the money supply and the MEANS to expand the PRODUCTIVE economy. People who are employed have money to spend which increases the number of customers for small (and large) businesses which can then hire more workers. Greater employment and increased productivity creates more state and local tax revenue which can then be spent on increasing public services. In other words, the NEED Act reverses the cycle of economic contraction engineered by private banks withholding credit – permanently.
The NEED Act nationalizes the monetary system ~ not the banking system. Serious banking regulations, Wall Street reforms and prosecutions for fraud are still in order. A top priority for reinstating the Glass Steagall Act and other Depression era protections is immediate withdrawal from the World Trade Organization 1999 Financial Services Agreement that mandated destruction of Glass Steagall and massive deregulation of the financial sector. The 1999 WTO Agreement forbids the US government to roll back these destructive mandates. By what authority? Congressional compliance with an unaccountable supranational tribunal that undermines our laws, our economy and our national sovereignty is treason.
Who wouldn’t want a public monetary system that serves the whole society? The beneficiaries of a debt scheme that siphons off our nation’s resources to finance antisocial pursuits and concentrate wealth in the hands of a few. Their lobbyists will descend on Congress. This bill will die a quiet death in the House Committee on Financial Services and never be brought to the floor for a vote unless we – the 99% – make it visible and demand its passage.
The Occupy Movement has enormous potential to transform the structural inequality built into our monetary, economic and political system. Superficial “reforms” are meaningless. Please devote yourself to building public momentum to demand passage of this bill. If we reach critical mass, we just might ‘form a more perfect union, establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.’
Hear Dennis Kucinich explain the bill (15:29 – 28:55)
In the same interview he and Chris Hedges praise the Wall Street Occupation

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Its time for you to go!

Pat Buchanan has been at the top of his game for quite some time. I remember him as a young speech writer for Dick Nixon, back in the early 1970's. He has held true to his Republican and capitalistic mantra ever since. The fact that he showed up on MSNBC as a News Analyst always struck me as a little odd, given his outspoken beliefs. I don't recall any ultra-conservative being given as much air play as he has, over the years, and on a Liberal media outlet such as MSNBC.
The tone of his voice and the tone of his commentary have been clearly drifting to the right of John Birch. Although I have enjoyed his debate over the years, I do feel that its his time to step aside. I think it must be very difficult for him to inject his philosophy into present and topical issues. Flexibility has never been his long suit.
So, with all due respect, I think its time for him to go.