Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Who’s really on Welfare?

If you have ever asked yourself that question, have you taken the time to really think about the answer? I’ll be the first to admit that I receive what many regard as Welfare. I receive Social Security disability payments, Veteran’s Disability payments, and Unemployment payments. I certainly have no objection to “drug testing” as a prerequisite of qualifying for these payments. I would also point out that I paid for my Social Security in the form of payroll taxes; I certainly “paid” for the VA benefits I receive; and my chosen career path got hijacked and sent overseas by people who obvious couldn’t care less about anything other than their bank accounts. But, enough about me. Let’s look at the culprits of Welfare who simply are given vast amounts of monies by our Government.

Let’s start with with anyone who receives a paycheck from any form of government, or municipality. That money comes from tax collections. What does it cost to run a town, a village, a city, a State, or a Country? That money comes from tax collections. How about all the Senators and Representatives? They are paid from tax collections. You can see where I’m going with this, I hope.

As long as I’ve been aware of Social Security, the Proletariat and the Politicians have called it an “Entitlement Program”. Well, first of all, Social Security is paid for by the very people who end up using it. So, am I entitled to it? You betcha, Charlie! VA (Veterans) Benefits have been paid for in blood and tears. So, am I entitled to it? You betcha, Charlie!

Social Programs that have been paid for are not bringing our economy down. They are not the reasons for the Financial Deficit problems we face. These are not “hand-outs”. It is time to stop the financial hemorrhaging by forcing our Government to cease and desist giving Welfare to Corporations in forms of tax incentives/deductions, special accounting procedures , and allowing them to decimate our work force. Doesn’t anyone find it interesting that the heads of these corporations are also the ones who not only don’t pay taxes, but get refunds?

If, indeed, we last until the next major National Election, It might be very wise for the proletariat to regain control, and achieve governance for the People, by the People, and of the People

(more) top ten things that make my head hurt

51.     People who want you to believe that a Religion is also a Race
52.   Paper jams
53.   Paper cuts
54.   Frozen yogurt
55.   Out of control, obnoxious coffee shop chains
56.   Fake mayonnaise
57.   Southern belles
58.   Wayne Gretsky, Don Cherry, Dennis Potvin, Mike Milbury
59.   Heavy, heat sealed plastic packaging
60.   Anything “lite”

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

(more) Top ten things that make my Head hurt

41.     The obliteration of our Middle Class by totally
       destroying our Educational System
42.     Oil & gas exploration companies that want us
       all to believe that Hydro-Fracturing is  absolutely safe
43.     The illegality of marijuana
44.     People who tell me how white my shirts should
       be (thank you, Mick)
45.     The Doors, Yani, Barry Manilow, Billy Joel
46.     Donald Rumsfeld, Carl Rove, Dubbya
47.     That a guy named “Boner” told a guy named
      “Weener” to go home
48.     The Dallas Cowboys
49.     Cooking shows on TV
50.   Genuinely mean people

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Republicans, The Democrats, & The Abyss

The United States of America has been neatly packed into a very large freight train, which, at this very moment, is hurtling toward the edge of a cliff where it will run out of track. The ensuing fall into the the deep, dark, bottomless abyss that exists just over the edge of the cliff will be long and ugly.
Now is the time for us to rally our families, go liquid with our assets, arm ourselves to the hilt, and collect food and drinking water in an effort to weather the coming storm.
For too long we have allowed approximately 454 persons to “rule” over the 300 million, or so, of us, the proletariat. Considering that ratio, I do not like our odds in solving the current crisis which was brought about by the very people we are trusting to get us out of this mess.
We have all been addicted to “Government Drugs” for decades. The people of this Country have not lost control, rather they have bequeathed the rights of governance to a hand full of folks who really don’t care what you and I think, or want. Similar to some drug addicts, I’m afraid we will have to fall to bottom of the abyss in order to find a way back to some semblance of a society. Moreover, since we’ve been spreading our “Government Drugs” around the World, the rest of civilization is going to plunge into that abyss right behind us. It’s going to messy down there. Are you ready for the ride of your life?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

(more) top ten things that make my head hurt

31.   giving tax payers dollars to Countries who spit in our face
32.    the un-removable, heat-sealed protective cover on bottles
33.     computer software that turns around and asks you if you want to do what
      you just told it to do
34.   voicemail that shows up on your cell phone three days late
35.   people who really think Curling is an interesting sport
36.   people who think that reality TV is real
37.   that we haven’t had a woman President, yet
38.   that the Gulf of Mexico still has an oil slick, only you can’t see it because it’s lying
      on floor of the Gulf
39.   corporations who are allowed to outright lie to the American public
40.   most of our Country’s tax code