Thursday, December 1, 2011

Two Lesbians Raised A Baby And This Is What They Got

What's the reason for opposing this again?
{click this link to watch the vidoe}

My comment on the content of this video. Also, realize that this guy is 19 years old!

“And, here I'm looking at the last five postings in "comments" saying they are "flagged for review". Folks, its 2011. Can anyone tell me why we're even having this conversation anymore? Anyone??

Are we not all simply human beings? As such, I have the understanding that we all think a little differently; we all worship a little differently; we all have varying political views. This is what makes us all wonderful creators. And, in the end, don't we all have share some things in common that really need our undivided attention right now? I think we do, and I hope we can put diversions like "same sex marriage" in the "DONE" file, and get on with righting that which is really wrong in our society and politics. We owe our kids, and their, and all the kids to come our very best efforts to hand down a legacy of society, economics, and politics that works for them.”

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