Friday, December 30, 2011

Overseas Civics Class

Dateline: Friday, December 30, 2011, the “International’ page (pg.A4), New York Times, David Kirkpatrick & Steven Myers (authors).
“Egyptian Forces Raid and Shut Civic Groups, Drawing Sharp U.S. Response”

Okay, now you folks really have my attention. You are trying to get me to believe that the United States is justified, once again, in openly complaining that another, sovereign Country, Egypt in this case, has absolute no leg to stand on when it exercises its right of self-determination.

Really? Please, not again. Didn’t you folks at the New York Times and you folks at the State Department get the memo?

 I can not believe that, in this day and time, our Nation still feels it is our God given right to spread our unique style of democracy all over the globe. My only conclusion is that our Government and some of our mainstream media still think that it is perfectly all right to smother other Societies with our “brand”. I think what really gets under the skin of other People is the clandestine, almost cloak and dagger, means by which we try to accomplish the goal of westernization. Oh, of course, I forgot they call these exercises “civic” involvement by “civic” groups. Do they really expect the American Public, the 99%, to buy into this type of behavior anymore?

The State Department, the New York Times, and these two Authors are going to have to explain to me, and the rest of “We The People”, why it is this Country keeps throwing money away by pursuing such ridiculous actions. We have plenty of “civic” programs right here at home to spend this money on. We do not need to be funding a program that has a proven record of failure, and one that other Societies simply reject. This article wants me to be sympathetic to those wonderful, democracy-spreading folks who just want to help the down trodden of the World. If the New York Times, our Government, and these two Authors are expecting my sympathy vote, they are all going to their graves without it. I sincerely hope that the rest of America is of like mind, and will not stand for this kind of international behavior anymore.

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