Monday, December 26, 2011

Never ceases to amaze

It never ceases to amaze me that our young’uns, largely, are not at all tuned into what’s going on around them. I have had the opportunity to broach the subject of the current state of our political system with some young folks. They are, by their own admission, totally disconnected from reality when it comes to our Nations economy, society, and crumbling political structure.

I can attribute this, in great part, to my “dumbing of America” theory. Well, I’ve been calling it a theory, but, now, I’m seeing and hearing first hand that it isn’t a theory; it’s reality. And, boy is it scary! These kids don’t have a clue; don’t want to have a clue; and their parents aren’t promoting their kids involvement in anything except working, making lots of money, and living in a sheltered community in the ‘burbs. The “social media” has taken them totally out of the loop.

Well, when the proverbial kaka hits the proverbial fan, these kids will no longer be kids. They may be married, with kids of their own, and wake up one day to a completely new “world” order around them. If they are not in the top 5% on the economic scale, they are going to be members of the working poor, at best. They will have no health insurance; they will have no retirement program; they will have no savings, or credit; and, they will be lucky to have a job at any earnings level.

I really do hope these young folks will wake up. I really hope they put down their “i”-things. Its going to be up to them to figure this all out; their parents are pretty much useless on this topic.

My message to them is threefold: get some education on current events; pay attention to what is happening all around you; and, get involved so as not to find yourselves in trouble when you reach our age. I will guaranty them that the slice of the pie available to them will be a very small one, and they need to know that now!

Topics I have brought up: the meaning of “Occupy Wall Street”; our Nations financial mess; the meaning of the “Arab Spring”; our Nations role in armed conflict and its affect on world judgment of our Nation; the actual role of the President of the United States; the actual role of the Congress of the United States (I’m not even going to ask them about our Judicial System). Okay I’ll stop here because continuing would only run me off the page and out of paper.

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