Friday, December 23, 2011

10 Things we need to accomplish in 2012:

1]        If we can’t end our involvement in armed conflicts, let’s not get involved in             any more.
2]        From the looks of things, the GOP simply isn’t coming up with anybody         
            that meets, or exceeds, our National needs for now and the foreseeable           
            future. So, let’s stick with President Obama for another four years, and give             the man a chance to do what knows in his heart needs to be accomplished.

3]        Right from the start of the Year, let’s make it absolutely illegal to restrict an            American Citizen’s right to vote.

4]        Let’s put to rest all the arguments against a woman’s right of self-     
           determination when it comes her body and her biology, period.

5]        A lot of folks are up for re-election this Year. They may just have opponents            who are willing to our bidding for a change. Let’s take a serious look at anyone
           who fits that mold irrespective of their Party affiliation. Let’s keep the ones
           who actually do our bidding. Believe it, or not, there are some.

6]        Let’s get our Government to realize that not everybody likes us and not      
            everybody can adapt to our idea of democracy. If we encourage anything,       
            let it simply be self-determination.

7]        For God’s sake, let the Palestinians have their own Nation. At the very least,
            let’s not stand in their way.

8]        Let’s see if we can bring an end to racism, hatred, and bigotry in this            

9]        Perhaps it’s time to break up the banking system. It has “morphed” into a very
            ugly monster, and needs to returned to its past self.

10]      Maybe we can agree that corporations really aren’t people.

Are these the only things we need to accomplish in 2012? No, but this is a good place to start. Suggestions, anyone?

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