Saturday, November 12, 2011

(more) Things That Make My Head Hurt:

Bi-PartisanIf I hear that term once more, I think my head head will explode!
Are we ready for a biological terror attack?There is absolutely no way to defend against this type of terror attack, so get over it.

Blue- Ribbon PanelsHow’s that been working out?

Q.E.If I choose to ease into anything, I will not feel the need to quantify it.

1% -    Don’t get me started!

Governors from Texas‘nuff said?

Israel v. PalestineYou hit me first / did not / did so /did not…..

Useless trade agreementsI’m really impressed how well these agreements always work out for us.

Citizens who vehemently criticize our government -  but just can’t  seem to find the time to vote.

Executive bonusesWhatever happened to ‘an honest days pay for an  honest days work’?

I-phonesCan we think of more things to waste our time on?

E-CloudsI was always satisfied with Mother Nature on this one.

Face-TalkersBack off there Skippy. I don’t need a shower of your saliva.

E-SpeakI thought we already had a National language!

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