Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The List

I’m trying to think of people who have been in the public spotlight and may be good medicine for our Nation’s ills. The following come to mind, immediately. I’m sure there are many more who might not get turned off by the intense media scrutiny of running for public office, especially on a National basis.
list of interesting  folks who either are, were, or could be  politicians:
Corey Booker, is                        [Mayor of Newark, NJ]
Gavin Newsome, was              [Mayor of San Fransico, Ca.]
Andrew Cuomo, is                    [Governor of New York]
Kirsten Gillibrand, is                 [Senator from New York]
Bill Richardson,  was                [Governor of New Mexico]
Elizabeth Warren, will be        [Senator from Massatwoshits]
Hillary Clinton, is                       [Secretary of State]
Fran Townsend, could be        [was National Security Advisor}
Mellissa  Harris, could be        [is Prof., Poli-Sci. @ Tulane University]
Ed Rendel, was                       [Governor of Pennsylvania]

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