Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Is someone getting nervous?

We’re entering week four of the protest on Wall Street. Is the message getting clearer? Is the message getting through to the targeted people? I know it’s in New York City, but are the politicians in Washington, D.C. listening? Do they even care? Well, we’re the 99% that’s being talked about, now, and we’re all a little ticked off at the way our “representative” government isn’t really representative at all.
I hear a lot of folks asking, “Why aren’t these protesters doing their thing down in Washington, D.C.?” To be honest, we’ve been there and done that, and it hasn’t worked too well. After all, politicians are not the source of all our woes. The folks that contribute the most to political campaigns are the source of all our woes. And, yes, Virginia, corporations are “people” now; our Supreme Court has confirmed that. So, you see, the protesters are in exactly the right spot and the owners of our political system are getting a little nervous.

This movement has passed the politicians right on bye in favor of driving the source of the problem into ceasing its stranglehold on everything we like to think of as “American”. Don’t believe the numbers that get spewed from inside the Beltway. Its all oral diarrhea intended to confuse us into thinking they have a handle on all these “complex” issues. There really are no “complex” issues. What we stand for and do as a Nation are very straight forward and perfectly understandable. How we govern ourselves is very straight forward and understandable. How we choose to run our capitalistic economy is very straight forward and understandable. When “We The People” relinquish control by forgoing our voting power, we are doomed to pay the price. I direct you to the past thirty, or so, years of the decline in our industrial base, the loss of our middle class, and the ensuing loss of a tax base large enough to run anything. You may have heard the expression, “I’m so broke, I can’t pay attention.” Consider this no longer an expression, but the reality of our world right now.

The owners of our wealth have known this for quite some time, and are very surprised it has taken the proletariat this long to react. With no middle class and no tax base, the wealth won’t be worth anything. Ah, but you say the fat cats have all their assets protected in overseas investments. OOOPS! Has anyone tuned in to what’s happening “overseas”? They’re in worse shape than we are. So, what are the fat cats going to be left holding? Nothing, that’s what. If you get a chance to see any of these fat cats, please notice the copious amounts of anti-persepirant   and deodorant being applied. Yes, they are getting a little bit nervous, I’d say.

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