Sunday, October 9, 2011


I don’t normally have so many articles on the front page of any edition of the New York Times jump off the page. Saturday, October 8, was the exception. Cudo’s to The Times, because all four were significantly different in their subject matter.
New York, New York – The New York Times, October 8, 2011
 – Vol. CLXI, NO… 55,5552
Page 1 – Lead Articles and other Articles of note

#1 = Col.6, top right, “Modest Growth In Jobs Tempers Recession Fears”
I read the headline and said ”I don’t really have to read this.” You know I did, and, low and behold, I was right. I didn’t have to read it; I could have written it in my “satire” section. Are the rest of you sick and tired of everyone involved in our National statistics revising, seasonally adjusting, protracting, subtracting, and abstracting numbers that don’t mean a hill ‘o beans to we the people? It isn’t rocket science. Numbers are pretty “grassroots”, and, if you don’t mess with them, they will tell you the truth. So, let’s get down to basics and re-learn what we were taught in elementary school: how to add and subtract.

#2 = Col. 5, top center, “In G.O.P. Race, Foreign Policy Is A Footnote”
Now, wait a damn minute. We’re not that stupid, are we? One of the major pillars of the GOP Platform, since its inception, has been its strength and knowledge base on Foreign Policy and Foreign Affairs. This has always been contrasted with the Democratic platform pillar of National and Inter policy and Affairs. The message here is that we no longer have any political party platform that is in any shape or form concerned with Foreign Policy! When I got to the second paragraph, and read, ”Many foreign policy experts regard such proposals as head-scratchers, at best,…….” I discontinued all interest in persuing the rest of this article.

#3 = Hi-lights Sec., across bottom of page.
a] Romney’s Faith Attacked: Whether, or not, you agree with his politics, the man is Constitutionally garraunteed of his right to worship as he sees fit. For someone of another faith to call Romney’s religious preference a “cult” is absolute absurdity. And, no, I did not continue past the headline. I refuse to give up space in my limited brain to such drivel.        
b] Neighbors Are Weary Of Protest: You know this got my blood flowing at a faster pace. For the sake of brevity, I will say that there are certain periferral conditions that arise from any organized revolt, or prolonged protest,. These should be obvious and expected by all folks affected. This includes some “political correct” mother who doesn’t want her poor. little Johnny exposed to such barbarian behavior while she pushes him through the crowd in his little stroller. Woman, get a f___k___ life!

When newspapers and news magazines meet their end, it will be a sad moment in History. I hope I don’t see it in my lifetime; where would I ever be gifted little nuggets as the above?

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