Monday, March 7, 2011

Politicians are all on Welfare!

   The Wisconsin 14 have the right idea. They needed to send a message, and they succeeded very nicely. The trouble is that the message was heard loudly and clearly after day three. Now, three weeks out, they have only succeeded in creating an epic failure for themselves, and perhaps the entire Democratic Party. This type behavior is one you might expect from a three-year old child. (I meant to say Republican.)
   Were you, or I, AWOL from work this long, there would be no “work” to come back to. In the real world, these folks would have been fired for dereliction of duty, and would have had a hard time qualifying for Unemployment Insurance. These children seem to be “untouchable”. They will return, and be given a warm and fuzzy welcome back by their peers, as if nothing out of the ordinary ever happened. And, why not? They’re all on Welfare! That’s right, Welfare. It is the Taxpayers who fund each and every Social Assistance Program in this Country. It is the Taxpayer who funds our Nation’s Armed Services. It is the Taxpayer who pays the costs of our Police, Firefighters, Sanitation Workers, et al. And, yes, it is the Taxpayer who pays the salaries of our elected officials. I was taught that if A = B, B = C, C = D, then, logically, A= D. So, a rational, mathematically minded person might come to the conclusion that ALL the elected officials in this Country are on WELFARE, PUBLIC ASSISTANCE, THE DOLE, THE DOWN LOW, etc.
   I’m starting to believe that we ARE all that dumb. We allow these people to run roughshod over us time, and time, again, and we keep coming back for for more every two years. Isn’t it about time to demand better from our
employees? We are not getting much bang for our buck. Time has come to stand up to these most egregious of Welfare Cheats, Democrat or Republican. They have the potential to do good things; no one demands it of them. We need to start! Get involved. E-mail your elected officials. Tell them how you feel. Let them know you are not the bumbling idiots they think you are. Make them work for their allowance as you might your children.

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