Monday, March 7, 2011

The Federal Government has never been mandated to protect its citizenry from themselves. The only Charter to defend and protect has to do with protecting the citizenry from external threats and enemies.
In the attempt to streamline the wretched excess of Washington, D.C., roughly 2/3rds of all Agencies should become redundant. The CBO even admits openly that the Department of Education is so rife with waste that it could be at least cut in half. I would propose to cut the very same Department by at least 75%, because of the redundancy with the States. If this is true about the Department of Education, then think of the possibilities in all the other Departments and Agencies.
Why does it make any sense to send our tax dollars to Washington, D.C.? They are acting as a “middle man” that we don’t need. All fifty States are more than capable of executing all the programs and benefits we currently receive from the Federal Government.
The United States of America can be adequately run using seven Departments and three Branches:
1] The Executive Branch                 1] The Department of the the Interior
2] The Legislative Branch               2] The Department of the Treasury
3] The Judicial Branch                    3] The Department of Defense
                                                         4] The Department of State
                                                         5] The Department of Energy
                                                         6] The Department of Education
                                                         7] The Department of Audit
Certain Reforms must take place to make this scenario work properly. The first major reform will involve the Business and Financial Sectors. Secondly, reform and decentralization of the Department of Education will have to occur. The largest undertaking will be the restructuring of the Department of the Interior, which will absorb many existing Agencies. The Department of the Treasury will handle all things Financial. The Department of the Interior will take care of all things Business related, Land related, etc. The Department of Defense will guard our borders and protect the Country from outside aggression. The Department of Energy is self-explanatory, and will necessarily utilize parts of the Department of the Interior. The Department of Education will set a National base curriculum standard, and have enforcement powers in that area. The Department of State will be tasked with Diplomacy and Treaties and Alliances, with the exclusion of Economic Agreements. It will also be in charge of weeding out the useless, outdated, and injurious diplomatic treaties (Interior takes care of the Economic deals.) Finally, the Department of Audit will be responsible for constant audits of all Government Departments, S
Agencies and Branches. Collectively, the three Branches will be pared down to efficient, rational size. The U.S. Constitution will reign supreme over any questions, disputes, clarifications, etc., after useless, outdated Amendments are stripped out. This is all a proposal aimed at giving the States their rightful autonomy and responsibility. The Federal Government is present to direct and oversee National Policy, only.
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