Monday, January 3, 2011

Letter to politicians

Subject: Treatment of our Veterans

Dear     (Senator/Representative)    
   This Country’s ability and willingness to dishonor our Veterans never ceases to amaze me. Every one of our Veterans started out as a regular, salt-of-the-earth Human Being. To a man, and woman, they share a deep love for their Country. So deep, that they were, and still are, willing to write a blank check to our Government up to and including their lives. As a Nation, we have cashed too many of these checks for the full amount, and many more for almost the same amount.
   There are many ways our Country can respect our Veterans as much as our Veterans love and respect their Country. Certain relief and exemption programs can be initiated and administered within the existing framework of the Veteran’s Administration. Using a simple, pro-rated system that is already in use, Veterans could be afforded the National respect they deserve.
  What I am proposing may seem radical, until you realize that smaller, less affluent Nations have long ago adopted the same programs to honor the men and women who proudly wore the Uniform.

PROPOSAL (summary):
1] Tax Relief
§  No Federal Income Tax Liability
§  % of State Income Tax Liability
§  % local Tax Liability
§  Fully Disabilities  =  0% of any Taxes
§  Partial Disabilities =  % of any Taxes
§  Fair & Just access to V.A. Med.
2] Pro-rated Categories
§  Combat
§  Combat Support (direct) (in theater)
§  Combat Support (indirect) (in theater)
Combined with
§  Full/Partial Service Physical Disability
§  Full/Partial Service Mental Disability
Combined with
§  Medal recipients ( Medal of Honor to CIB/CMB)
§  Service outside U.S.; more than 50%; Active Duty
§  Service inside U.S.; Active Duty
§  Reserves; Inactive

                                          Federal  State  Local  
Served in Combat Zone:                                      
1] Full Disability                    0%    0%    0%
2] Partial Disability                0%    0%    1%
3] Medaled                           0%    1%    2%
Combat Support:
1] Direct                               0%    2%    3%
2] Indirect                            1%    3%    4%
Served, Active:
1] Outside U.S.                    2%    4%    5%
2] Inside U.S.                       3%    5%    6%
Served, Inactive Reserve:      5%    7%    8%

v Relief/Exemption does not include contributions to SSI/Medicare
v Voluntary Tax contributions above minimums allowed
v Full Burial, Cremation , Funeral Home compensation, anywhere
v All above to be determined by Discharge and Separation Documents

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