Monday, December 13, 2010

“Where is our deliverance?”

In response: “Where is our deliverance?”, John McWhorter (author),Times Magazine, December 6, 2010, pg. 24
The new President, getting ready for his swearing-in, has not pursued a black-specific agenda
1] how about Health Care, Community College Grants, Food Safety and, yes, TARP.
 What used to be called the Struggle is still happening, but you have to knowwhere to seek it.
2] Look no further than the Congress where Racism has reared its ugly head, once again.3] If not now, be  patient.  In about six months, the drums of oppression will start beating.
More often than not, the Struggle will not be in the headlines.
Wait­ing for change in black America to once again be a matter of dramatic marches is like wondering why you can't find your favorite music on cassettes.
4] (see #3)5] I sincerely hope you are not depicting “We The Peeps” as  mice and rats. If so, you have lost credibility in this argument
Time passes. Reality changes. People move your cheese.
Barack Obama has been a "blacker" Presi­dent than the one Toni Morrison anointed as the first black one, Bill Clinton. After all, what's blacker—planting 21 rescue operations in depressed neighborhoods or playing the saxophone?                     
 6] How Black is Black? You lose sight of the fact that there are people, still   alive, who are color-blind and actually living in this Country. In 2010, this should not be part of any conversation.
7] I am depressed that these words were your “conclusion” to an     
otherwise very astute, introspective article.

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