Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Fall of an Empire, Part Deux?

Americas Most Vulnerable:
As we begin inevitably wrangling over budget cuts and other austerity measures, we must not lose sight of the plight of the most vulnerable among us - the ones who have little say and few choices: the nation's poorest children. The gap between those children and the rest of our children is already unacceptably wide, and it can't afford to get wider. In fact, a report entitled "The Children Left Behind," released by Uni-cef last Friday, examined inequality in well-being on a wide range of measures among children in 24 of the world's rich­est countries. America's rankings were among the worst. Parents play a large role in this in­equality, but so do policies. As the report wisely asks, "Is there a
point be­yond which falling behind is not inevita­ble but unavoid­able and unacceptable?”

The Children That Fortune Forgot
Rankings of child well-being among 24 member
countries of the Organization for Economic
Cooperation and Development.  


Seems to me, there is stark parallel between the loss of
American Manufacturing and the “dumbing” of America.
The time-frames are too coincidental to be ignored, and
the moving force behind both is becoming more clear
every day.
  Having matriculated at the College level as an adult, I
found it very curious that young students gravitated toward
me. At first, I had no idea why. Then, it dawned on me that
the rush to partner was driven by the fact I could write and
speak in complete sentences. I could actually construct a
paragraph. I had no problem putting Engineering Labs into
plain, correct English.
   Since that time, 1992-1993, I have been attuned to the
decline in our Country’s Education System. Having spent
over 35 years in the Manufacturing arena, I have seen both
declining at about the same rate. We have no more
Manufacturing base. We have no more Educational base.
   When the Federal Government admits that 25% of its Dept.
of Education is totally worthless, you know we’re in trouble,
and you know that the actual number is most likely 50%. I have
compared the Org. Charts of the Federal Dept. of Ed. to that
of New York State. The two Charts are almost identical; New
York State seems to get the job done with about 75% fewer
people. I’m wondering if the Fed. Dept. of Ed. has ever
undergone a full and honest Audit? Can’t say I’ve ever heard
of one.
   Checking back in with the two parallel tracks, I can only be
left to believe that the “super” rich are manipulating both.
Think about it! No education system, no manufacturing jobs,
“super” rich, the dumb and poor = the perfect “SLAVE” Nation.
If drastic Reforms are not enacted, soon, we ‘re headed for
the bottom of the barrel.


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