Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Letters to my Sisters.....2010

Hey, sis, you think Mom’s “forward” was a wee too forward, I seem to get the likes of what appears below……..from my friends, no less. There is, without a doubt, an incredible amount of hate simmering, waiting for a place in time to boil over into some ugly violence. Its all very scary, but I think it may also be very true. I’ve been keeping a keen ear to this situation, and one fact alone would make this rhetoric believable. That fact would be: The armed, antigovernment Militias in this Country have more than tripled in size over the past YEAR ! Over the past thirty odd years, I have been approached on six occasions, that I can remember, by someone suggesting I join our local Militia here on Long Island. I definitely never would, but was interested in finding out more about who joins, how many and what type of weaponry they possess, and would they really be willing to use all that ammunition.

Findings (over the years):
1.  Who joins? = Middle Class and Lower, Middle Class who tend to be in the “Trades”.
2.  How many Weapons? = This runs the entire gamut of weaponry up to and including all styles of automatics, grenades, anti-tank missiles, claymore mines, C-4 plastic explosive, grenade launchers, crew-served machine guns and mortars. Also, an unbelievable amount of ammunition for all the above.
3. Willing to use it? = you betcha, Charlie. They were willing to engage years ago. The current socio-economic malaise is just the sort of match needed to light their fire.
I’ve been trying to spread the peace and love platform, and at the same time trying to impress folks of what may be lurking in the bushes. Sure hope everybody can tell me I was wrong!

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