Saturday, November 27, 2010

Its the end of the World, as we know it!

 A friend sent this....don't know what to make of it! 
{In a message dated 10/30/2010 4:47:36 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes:}
   I got this from a friend on the east coast.  He is one of many who are concerned that Obama will create an incident that will allow him to declare martial law to counter the democrat/communist losses in this election.  I have this sick feeling that he is right. 
   Until the last few years there has been very little resistance to the gradual communist take over of the country.  George Soros, the beast of Budapest, had a free hand. With the advent of people like Glen “Lonesome Road”Beck and Hannity “The Mannitee” joining Limbaugh in the army of ideas the commies began to see some hard resistance and that put them in a panic.  They can see their plans going up in smoke and they will do anything; lie, cheat, steal and commit any perversion to keep their filthy program from being derailed.
    There are a lot of people like the person below who are preparing for the worst and praying for the best.  I'm one of them. Perhaps we are all wet. Perhaps there is no problem other then the continual sniping of politicians and bureaucrats. However, what if he's right. You don't have to fire the gun and if this is a false alarm just put it back in the gun rack and go your merry way. Meanwhile, prepare for the worst. If there is a civil war it will be one of the most vicious ever. It will make Darfor look like a Sunday school picnic. 
“I think the actual violence will begin next summer, after the Demoncrats have had a chance to strategize and Obama has had ample time to better organize his urban thug Brown Skins. I think the magnitude of the popular uprising against the
Marxist takeover caught the Obamunists by surprise. They were so use to the Repubs, led by His Ladyship McConnell and Snoop Dog Steele rolling over and playing dead that they expected little or no resistance in the mid-term elections. Then, they would efficiently organize for the overthrow of our democratic republic, with the Brown Skins as part of the National Youth Corps.
Suddenly, the Tea Parties sprung up from nowhere (actually, Heartland, America, which to the Obamunists is nowhere), and the Obamunists entire game plan was thrown into disarray.
Now, I think it will take them a few months to put it all back together -- all under the careful protection of the mainstream media. Then, come the hot summer months, the cities will "spontaneously" explode over some Republican wrong. And this time, the riots will be staged in the suburbs and small towns where the Brown Skins are sent in to "restore order". Obama will declare martial law. And the Battle of America will be joined.”
Having: looked at the disarray and chaos of our Federal Government {all three branches}, our Economy {with the exception of the Military/Industrial Complex}; our Society; having learned of the more than three-fold increase in the local Militias; the fact that most of our active Military is involved elsewhere; the resurgence of hatred and bigotry, it seems the Moon and the Stars are lining up to point where the aforementioned "REVOLUTION" is not a far fetched possibility. Stop and think of how many folks are without jobs, under employed, have lost their houses and credit, not looking at a future they can believe in. If you give that a fair shake, that's just a whole bunch of folks are mad as Hell, and aren't going to take it anymore. From past social unrest, there is a definite inclination to start the ball rolling in the Summer time, when its hot and muggy, and students are out of school and unemployed. The potential for ugliness looms large in our immediate futures. I really thought serving my Country meant something; now I'm not so sure. Thank God for drugs to numb the pain!   

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