Monday, July 17, 2017

Congress Rips TRICARE Medical Benefits

Seems like I've been barking at the moon for a couple of years on this subject.                   WELL, 'HAPPY DAY" FOLKS IT HAS FINALLY ARRIVED.
Our Government has finally dropped the other shoe on TriCare. People looked at me like I had three heads when I told them TriCare was being quietly dismantled by Congress. The general consensus was that their Government would never do anything like that to them! I can now report that, yes indeed, your Government can, and did, do it to you. 
If your jaw has hit the floor in bewilderment and your eyes are popping out of your head and there is blood trickling out of you ears, wait....there's more to come. #1: They aren't going to "privatize" the VA. They are simply going to do away with it. #2: Congress is still hell-bent on coming up with a way to have you pay to use your GI Bill. Yes, you heard me.....PAY THEM USE SOMETHING YOU ALREADY EARNED! Very much akin to have to PAY to use your Social Security or Retirement Funds; things you have already paid for, also. And, they're doing this all behind your backs....these are the people you elect to represent you?? ARTICL

Senate Bill: TRICARE Fees, Pay Caps, and More

The Senate Armed Services Committee has voted to their version of the National Defense Authorization Act bill (S 1519), which the committee approved before Congress began its July 4 holiday break. If the Senate NDAA passes, working-age retirees will no longer be exempt from a host of higher TRICARE fees. The Senate bill also would cut combined Basic Allowance for Housing for dual service couples with children, and the military pay raise next January would be capped at 2.1 percent, as President Trump proposed, versus the House bill's support of a 2.4 percent hike to match recent private sector wage growth. Read more about the Senate's plans for TRICARE, Pay and Allowances in this Military Advantage post.

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