Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Apparently the wonderful management team at the VAMC, Northport, NY has decided that it’s just fine to make their employees (and the Veterans they serve) just a little more uncomfortable. 

For the “dog days of Summer”, they have chosen to allow the A/C units in various buildings throughout the sprawling campus go without maintenance and therefore break down and quit doing their job. Is this an attempt by the management to mold the mechanical infrastructure in their image? 

....that of a “broken, do nothing, bump-on-a-log entity...

The familiar cries of, “We don’t have any money to fix the problem(s)”, resonate from the executive offices in building 10 on the West side of the campus. 
(Right next to building 11 which is one of buildings without A/C and houses the Homeless Domiciliary, HUD/VASH Offices, and other Social Work Program Offices) 
(Also known to this author...there are pregnant women working in this particular hot, damp, mold infested building!)

For at least the past 20 years, the management of this fine establishment has conveniently forgotten how to ask Washington DC for the budget money necessary to maintain 80-90 year old buildings. You might find it interesting that almost every building on Long Island that was built at the same time by the State or the Federal Government has long since been torn down. The reason...They became too toxic to occupy, and too costly to remediate, so down they came. 

Oh, but not the VA! They not only love their Veterans, they love their employees, and they simply adore their toxic work environments.

I think we should all take this opportunity to sincerely thank our VA administrators for stellar work they have been doing over the years in taking care of one of our Nation’s most valuable assets - our Military Veterans.

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