Sunday, May 7, 2017

VA Northport Must Die!

- To make it better, we have to blow it
  up, and start over again.

                       Dated photo circa 1980 - It is now become a toxic waste dump
I would like to hear from VA Employees and Veterans about conditions at the VA Medical Center in Northport, NY. There are situations occurring at this Facility that are very detrimental to the health and welfare of both the Employees and the Veteran Patients. Only a few of the problems at this Hospital have been openly reported. My aim is to expose the corruption, fraud, contempt, disrespect, intimidation, and rule of fear inside the daily operations of this Medical Center.
There are actions by the Management of this Facility that most likely cross the line on criminality and definitely cross the lines of expected moral ethics. When I say “Management”, I am talking about a long line of Directors, Associate Directors, Chiefs of Staff, and Department Chiefs.
Decades ago, it became apparent to the aforementioned that the VA structure lent itself to being manipulated and taken advantage of. That structure has not changed, so the culture of corruption, fraud, contempt, disrespect, intimidation, and rule of fear has been left to fester and grow at the hands on unscrupulous, opportunistic, greedy, power hungry individuals.
Somehow, over the years, Congress and the Federal Employees Union has seen fit to make it extremely difficult to fire any of these individuals. If any of these misanthropes were conducting their business in the Private Sector, they would all be wearing orange jumpsuits.
It is time to call these people out and place them under public scrutiny for their mistreatment of our Nation’s Veterans. Give me facts and figures; your names will not be used; and, I will personally blow these criminals out of the water! I hope to hear from a lot of you very soon.
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