Monday, May 22, 2017

The Veterans Health Administration

The Veterans Health Administration
(We love our Vets!)
My Thyroid Gland

Let me say right up front that I understand by Law the VHA must buy their medications from the lowest bidder. I also know that I have been taking a certain medication for almost twenty years.

I started getting it from a private insurance health plan in 1998 and, in 2009, began getting the “same” medication from the Veterans Health Administration. Upon making that switch of provider, I was continued on the same dosage as before. A subsequent blood test showed a remarkable change in my Thyroid number.

I had been taking the “Synthroid” brand-name drug, but when I hit the VA it was changed over to the generic “Levothyroxine”. This change precipitated a change in dosage amount to accomplish the same result I had gotten in the private sector with the “Synthroid”. It sounded like the problem was solved, and I have received “Levothyroxine” from what appears to be the same generic supplier for six years. Much to my surprise, I noticed a change in the color and shape six months ago. I was due for a routine blood test at the VA Medical Center I frequent, and, wouldn’t you know it, my Thyroid number was out of whack again.

So, my Primary Care Doctor readjusted the dosage, and off I went with another new color and shape pill from a different generic supplier.

Well just last week I had my blood tested again; specifically for my Thyroid level, and this time the number came back drastically different from before. No, I didn’t change the mode I have used for nineteen plus years for taking this particular medication. The only change has been the supplier of origin for this medication. Apparently the Veterans Health Administration has absolutely no control mechanism over the suppliers of this drug. For all I know, I could be taking placebo sugar pills. Seems like someone is not minding the Store. Seems someone else is making a lot of money and not delivering the goods. Seems like they are both getting away with it!

And, you wonder what we talk about when we say the VA has been killing Veterans for decades? Not having control over what medications they are purchasing is just one of the many ways the VA has found to legally allow Veterans to die, so they keep their costs down. Believe me, there are a myriad of other mechanisms built into this system designed to produce the exact same result.

This is just one example of why I will keep calling the VA out for its insulting care of our Nation’s Military Veterans. Changes will be made. They will be made by Veterans and a supportive Public; not by the Government, and, certainly, not by the VA.

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