Sunday, May 7, 2017

Blasting VAMC Northport

Some Issues:

1)  contamination of the water supply from Northport Dump plume2)  enhanced VERA / Medical to Nursing Home - illegal manipulation of funding3) Medical unit 33 / reallocation of assets & Personnel - avoids reporting4)  Mold infestation - no remediation possible in 90-y/o buildings5)  EEOC actions - employee intimidation6)  OSC complaints - employee & patient records illegally breached7)  Dept. Chiefs who left under pressure - harassment
8)  Dept. Chiefs who know nothing about their job - + no-show jobs9)  Dept. Chiefs who slid under the radar - protected by Regional and/or National10) Management still under investigation - ethics & criminal

Some Notes:

1.   VA Town Hall Meeting by Vinnie three Fingers - no new money allocated to VAMC Northport - but, they have a plan to fix the infrastructure by hiring Corps. of Engineers and outside contractors (but, they aren’t getting any money! Whaaat??).
2.   Chief of Extended Care & Rehabilitation - doesn’t know the job - hasn’t seen any patients in 16 yrs. as a Doctor!?
3.   Patient mortality rates are climbing - due in part to the “nursing home shuffle” to generate enhanced VERA payments from the Feds. VISN 2 actively trying to cover up this VERA fraud.
4.   Medical Unit 33, Bldg. 200 - personnel and assets being reassigned/reallocated in an attempt to shutter the unit due to lack of Patients (ref. “nursing home shuffle”).
5.   Vinnie Three Fingers trying to push a 15% across the board Staffing cut - plans to not hire for positions vacated by movement and/or retirement.
6.  New Director coming from Albany - known for “putting out fires” (the VA way?). Thomasen & Kaufman were interviewed for Director!

Some Definitions:

VERA = Veterans Equitable Resource Allocation; multi-level reimbursement schedule for just about all the activities surrounding a VA Medical Center’s daily/annual operation. This system lends itself to easy manipulation for the sole purpose of bilking the Fed. Gov. of more than necessary funding.

VA Town Hall Meetings = Congressionally mandated public meetings aimed at achieving transparency from all major VA Facilities.

VISN = Veterans Integrated Service Network - These are the “Regional” Offices that liaison between the local VA Facilities and Washington.


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