Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Veterans National Day of Protest

The Veterans National Day of Protest
For the past year, or so, folks across the Nation have been protesting and demonstrating about one thing, or another. Most of this activity has been political in nature. Some of it has been effective; some of it has not been effective. Whatever the outcomes, most of the folks involved have been many in number and loud.

This got me thinking about my efforts in advocacy of our Nation’s Military Veterans. I have been involved in a demographic of the Veteran population that centers on Mental Health and dual/poly trauma in Veterans. My efforts have, to date, been strictly local, and have had a positive effect on those around me, as well as myself. (I am also a card-carrying member of the PTSD/TBI/Polytrauma Veteran Community.)

I have seen firsthand how our Nation, our Government, and, in particular, our Department of Veterans Affairs views and treats those of us with Battle wounds you don’t see with the naked eye. I am not letting our Department of Defense off the hook on this, either. Almost to a man/woman, Veterans in this category have, and continue to have, bad experiences with the aforementioned groups; our Nation, our Government, and the Departments that promised to take care of them during and after the Battle. Veterans have been let down, lied to, disrespected, and kicked to the curb. The problems started with the Vietnam Veterans, and are continuing with our Iraq/Afghanistan Veterans.

Taking care of the aftermath of War is just as important as taking care of our young men and women we send off to fight our Wars. The post-War mistreatment of our Veteran population has now piqued the interest of young people throughout the Country. It has recently become a problem for the Department of Defense in their efforts to recruit modern-day Soldiers. Our youth are seeing this mistreatment and the socio/economic problems it leads to, and are no longer willing to raise their hand and swear to defend this Nation from within our Armed Services. This was all very predictable, and those of us who recognized this years ago got nowhere in stating our case. It all fell on deaf ears, until now.
So far, the general public has yet to grasp the concept that , if you don’t take care of your Soldiers when they return from War, your youth will no longer be willing to look at the Military as a viable option in their life. The Generals in the Pentagon have just now come to this realization and are crying for the Government to do something about it.

It dawned on me that, indeed, there is something we can do about it. We can mobilize Veterans, Veteran Families, and all their friends to raise a collective voice that starts with fixing the Department of Veterans Affairs, then amending the “end of active duty” terms for our Service Members through the Department of Defense. This is not complicated, and don’t let anybody tell you it is. Even my simple brain has come up with solutions that don’t involve reinventing the wheel.

Therefore, I am calling for and trying to organize a Veterans Nation Day of Protest. Does it have to be just one day? No it doesn’t. It can be ongoing to reflect the urgency of finding a solution, the public’s interest, the interest of Congress, and, of course, the interest and commitment of all Government Agencies involved.

I am asking for folks across the Nation to stand up and be counted. I am looking for all the support I can get for this movement. The lives of six million Veterans lies in the balance. The future of our Nation’s ability to defend itself lies in the balance. And, it logically follows that each and every American’s life lies in the balance. So, please, let me hear from you.....loud and clear!

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4) FYI: I am the President of the PTSD Veterans Association of Northport, Inc. (google)

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