Monday, January 30, 2017

VAMC, Northport, NY - UPDATE

Good morning, ladies and germs..........
Looks like a number of Federal entities are waking up and smelling the coffee on what's been going on at the VA Medical Center in Northport, NY. Subpoenas ans Summonses are flying around and targeting upper management and some of the older Staff members. It sounds as if the Medical Departments are being banged with everything from unethical conduct to outright criminal activity. Even the VA's own Inspector General's Office is getting their swings in.

It's about time and actually forty years overdue. There has been a string of management teams who have gamed the system; only to be fully protected by the Civil Service laws and their Government Employee Union.

An offshoot of all this is that, unfortunately, some folks who have been doing a great job over the years are being pooped on 💩and relieved of duties for no apparent reason. The "underlings" have probably been way too Veteran friendly for upper management's taste and are being "reassigned"; in some cases reassigned to jobs that are dormant, or no longer exist. And people wonder why Veterans don't trust the management of the VA and its Medical Centers farther than we can throw them (in our case that there's some heavy lifting).

The bottom line is that things need to change. A lot of these "Evil Doers" need to serve some jail time for what they're doing to our Veterans. Maybe we need to petition for a special Veterans Court just to go after these criminals and extract our pound of flesh and an ounce justice. As Veterans, we deserve no less!😡

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